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I see my playlists in Roon, I see them in Tidal both on all devices. When I am in Tidal and I hit “Add to Playlist” it tells me no playlists exist yet they are all there and i can use them normally. The add function is not allowing me to add, just create a new Playlist.


You said “When I am in Tidal…etc.”
Wouldn’t this be an issue to ask Tidal about? Not Roon support?
Or am I missing something?

That being said have you tried creating a new playlist in Tidal to see if works? Or try restarting Tidal?

It’s not only in Tidal where this is happening as the issue also occurs when in the normal library. I checked the add to playlist feature in Roon library and from the Tidal app. I went to my library and tried to add songs to one of my 6 playlists and the same ask happened (no playlist, make a new playlist action).

I would not have posted if this was a Tidal ONLY issue. I haven’t had any issues adding to playlists in years since being a lifetime member,

OK, this sounds like a question for support to answer. It seems like something is broken in your install.

Hello @TheTrumendous,

I am so sorry it’s been this long since your post…:pleading_face: Please, accept my sincere apology for the delay in getting back to you.

We’d love to lend a helping hand (and thanks @bearFNF for chiming in :pray:). Would you mind sharing if you’ve discovered anything new in the meantime, or if anything’s changed?


beka , I have the same problem now. After updating to 2.0 I can’t add to my playlists. However the lists do appear in the playlist section.
When I listen to a track pressing “add to playlist” the answer is “you have no playlists”.
What to do ?

Hey @Thomas_Hojberg,

Thanks for being intentional about letting us know the issue still exists, even on the latest release. I’m adding our @support team on the thread, so they can help with this issue.

Please, stay tuned.

:pray::four_leaf_clover: thank you I will

I created a new playlist, and it’s possible to add to that one. It seems like the “add function” doesn’t work with the playlists prior to the Roon 2.0 update.

Hi @Thomas_Hojberg ,

You will only be able to add content to Roon-created playlists. You cannot add content to playlists that live on TIDAL, you will need to “save a local copy” first before being able to add to the playlist. These will be two separate playlists moving forward but if you need to sync them from Roon → TIDAL/Qobuz, then using is suggested. Hope this helps!

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