Playlists back to Tidal (or Qobuz)

It is great to have albums clicked in my library in Roon back in my favorite albums in the Tidal app. Please give us the button „back to Tidal“ for the playlists collected in Roon. If not possible in the first step it‘s okay to ignore the tracks of our hdd. In the future a build-in transforming of own tracks to Tidal tracks (just for the playlists) would be desirable.

Great idea!
I think an issue though would be transferring large playlists back into Qobuz as it limits playlists to 1000 songs, which I find silly because most other streaming services are pravtically unlimited. Perhaps an auto function that splits playlists with over 1000 songs separately would be a good stopgap for if/when Qobuz remove such limits.

Sounds like a great idea to me

If you :heart: a song in Roon it will be :heart:ed in Tidal. But there is a time delay.

100% please.

Yes.and albums :heart: too. But I want it for playlists. And evidently there is a way. Perhaps with a :heart: for the playlists?