Playlists blank on MacOS

Core Machine:

Mac Mini 2014, 2.6GHZ i5, Mojave 10.14.5
Roon Server 1.7, build 528

Network Details:

Eero Mesh Network
Core hardwired via Ethernet to netgear switch, hardwired to Eero AP

Audio Devices:

Squeezebox Transporter x 2, RPi/Ropieee x 2, Sonos Play 3

Description Of Issue

All Roon Playlists display black track lists on MacOS Roon Controller. iPad and iPhone are fine.

Mac is MacBook Air Retina, 2019, 1.6 GHZ dual, i5.

problem began randomly yesterday, issue is true with both local and Qobuz/Tidal Playlists. Oddly, the playlists still play.

have rebooted Roon Server, and the core, to no avail.

What happens when you open the queue do you see the tracks?

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yes, oddly.

Iā€™m sure one of the support folks will be along shortly to chime in

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Did you reboot the MacBook remote computer?



oddly, this has now resolved itself.

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