Playlists Corruption [ticket created]

Here is the scenario:

A playlist is created, all tracks on the playlist are local files (not Tidal). Then the source file for one of the items on the playlist is removed from the disk and library – deleted. To ensure the library has no remaining info on the deleted file, the “clean up library” function is initiated. The Roon interface no longer shows the deleted file, HOWEVER, the playlist now has a “ghost entry.”

This ghost entry is seen in the following ways:

  1. The playlist size is wrong. The playlist will show 22 of 23 Tracks where the missing 23rd track is the deleted track – the playlist size never adjusts to reflect the missing track.

  2. The thumbnail for the playlist still contains the imagery from the deleted track rather than being updated for the revised content.

This isn’t a big deal, but the housekeeping function for playlists would seems to have a bug.


My Configuration:
Synology 3615 XS+ running Roon Core on SSD – Latest SW
3 Bluesound Node2 Endpoints – current SW/FW
1 Apple TV Endpoint
Netgear Nighthawk R8500 Router
Music Library = ~6000 Albums, Redbook FLAC, HiRez FLAC, and DSD

Hi @c2c2c2 ----- Thank you for the report, we’ll take a look into this for you!


Thanks Eric!

Here is an image showing missing tracks. @support

The Library Cleanup Function should perhaps do some additional housekeeping, like deleting tracks from playlists that are no longer in the library.