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I had to reinstall Roon, my Innuos got an upgrade to 4TB, all music was transferred.
How do I get all history, playlists, tags etc. back on Roon?
Hope you can help me, greetings Jan De PREZ

You need to restore a backup of the Roon database that you made before sending the Zen off for an upgrade.

If you didn’t take a backup, then you’ll have to start over, since you’ve wiped everything with a clean install.

hi Martin, thanks to answer, really bad news, if i knew in advance i could have done this. Couldn’t you implement this when you start Roon, or did i miss this information?
greetings Jan De Prez

Hi @Jan_De_Prez,

IIRC there is a warning icon (red triangle) display on the Roon GUI if Roon backups are not setup or are failing.

This won’t help with current situation, sorry, but do have read the article that @Martin_Webster linked, tt explains how setup Roon DB backups both manual and scheduled that will help to protect you going forwards.

I made a backup, i had to reinstall Innuos which caused an erase of the history.
I want to reinstall this backup. Roon gives an arror and can’t install this backup. what to do. see image below. message “There was an unexpected error”. if you can we can organise a Teamview.

greeting Jan De Prez

That is not a network share address showing in your screenshot - it is the address of a filepath on your Windows PC.

Network share adress? or a path to an other location on the network, isn’t that the same?
I tried to move the backup file to my C: dirve which didn’t work.
is there a way to move this backup file?

It may be the same location but the format of a network share address is completely different from the format of a location in the internal filesystem of your Windows PC.

Have a read of this article which tells you how to share a Windows folder over the network.

The article is aimed at adding a Network Share as a Watched Folder, in your case you want to use the Network Share as the location for your Backup in order to restore it to the Roon Core on your Innuos

Hi, ok i have done this, the folders is shared. then i get following message.

No, you’re still using the wrong format for the network share! As shown on the screen, the format for a network share on Windows is \\<PC name>\<networksharename>.

ok, i have copied this
\DESKTOP-B4FSG8P\Users\Gebruiker\OneDrive -\Documents\Music\RoonBackups
no result

And it’s still not the correct format. You’ve included the complete internal filepath (Users\Gebruiker etc.) in the address.

Your folder share name should be just RoonBackups, so the network share address is

And another thing - I see that you’ve put the RoonBackups folder inside the Music folder of your Desktop. I hope that you haven’t got this Music folder added as a Watched Folder in Roon? Because if you have, this is a very bad idea, and you should move the RoonBackups folder to another location outside of the Music folder.

See the warning at the top of this article:

ok, i have copied this
\DESKTOP-B4FSG8P\Users\Gebruiker\OneDrive -\Documents\Music\RoonBackups
no result

Ok ihave done this:

i made Music folder for Roon, it is not added as watched folder for Roon. by the way i cannot move the Roonbackups folder. Hope we can solve this issue, thank for your patience. Jan

You need to enter the Username and Password that you used when you created the RoonBackups folder.

Windows requires this.

Oh, and it needs to be a local Windows account, not a Microsoft Account (which has the form of an email address). What did you use?

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