Playlists have Disappeared

This is weird, I have NOT updated Roon to Build 269 (still using Build 262) and have lost all my iTunes playlists too. Perhaps incidentally, it happened after I deleted a big but temporary playlist in iTunes. Next I added some new music from iTunes to the Roon library and noticed that, except for two, all my playlists (~10) have disappeared.
Next time I checked, a few days later, all were missing.
Mi Roon and iTunes settings regarding playlists are correct.
I use ROCK in a NUC 6i5 connected via MOCA to a mRendu.
Music files are in a external HDD as an iTunes library.
What gives?

I’m having a similar problem with Roon 1.3 (269). My playlists from iTunes (MacBook Pro) are all gone and I have only one xml file in the iTunes folder.

If I edit the “Storage Location”, disable the importation of iTunes playlists, save, and then re-enable the importation of iTunes playlists, I get the following error:

“There was and unexpected error: UnexpectedError”

The storage location is then disabled.

Hi @JoseL and @Speed_Racer ----- Thank you both for chiming in and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated!

As we have done for others in this thread, I have activated diagnostics on both of your accounts. This action will generate a report containing a set of your logs which will automatically uploaded to our servers the next time your core machines come online. At which point I will have our techs take a closer look into this behavior for you.


UPDATE: Jose it looks like your’s just came in :sunglasses:

Hi, @Eric! Thanks for doing this for us. You guys have been great with support.

I am still having the problem today. I even had the Roon app crash on my iMac today. Fun stuff. Let me know if there are specific things I can do on my end to help the troubleshooting process.


Hi @Speed_Racer ---- Thank you for the follow up and the kind words. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I wanted to touch base with you and see if there have been any other observations or progress made here, since your last port. I checked the status of my report and can see it is still waiting on evaluation from our tech staff, but expect to have some feedback soon.


Hey, @Eric! No, nothing has changed. I still get that same error when I try to enable importation of iTunes playlists.

As I said, if there is anything you guys need me to do on my end to help troubleshoot this, just let me know. You have my email address if you want to proceed using that method of communication.

@support Eric, Thank you! In a hundred years I never would have found that extra copy of the XML file and have no idea how it found its way into that music folder. In a few moments after I’d deleted this file, my iTunes playlist returned. I appreciate the great support. … Gary

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@support @Eric,

I wish my situation was as simple as a duplicate xml file. Here is a “find” shell command I issued while in my account’s “Music” directory:

scott@MacBookPro:~/Music$ find . -type f -name “*.xml”

It returned:

./iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml

So no duplicate or extra xml files in the “Music” directory structure for Roon to choke on.

Anyone have any ideas???

Hi @Speed_Racer ---- Thank you for your patience. I just contacted you via PM with some “next steps”.


Hi, Robert Carlsen here. I started this thread a couple of weeks ago and still have no playlists. Please help. Thank you so much.

All — Please be advised that we believe that we have fixed some bugs in regard to our handling of iTunes generated playlists for our next release.

We are currently testing these changes in our QA lab to ensure that everything is/remains stable.

Your feedback and more importantly your patience, has been very appreciated.


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Suddenly all of my playlists have come back. I did nothing so I must thank the audio gods, which I assume means the fine people in support.

I am running Roon on my Windows 10 PC with iTunes music stored on a NAS drive. Previously Roon had found all my iTunes playlists when I placed my iTunes Library files (.itl & XML and the rest) in my Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music folder. I had Roon off for a week while I was traveling and when I started Roon again on my return all the playlists had vanished. Roon can find m3u playlists that are in the same directory. Roon seems to be perpetually rescanning that folder and importing all files, including one that I added yesterday. But no playlists. Puzzling (and frustrating) as it was working before

Hi Ian,

I moved your post. Check @eric’s post above. A potential fix should be coming soon.

Cheers, Greg


the new version solved the problem - AFTER I copied the xml-file from the iTunes-folder to the “music folder”-. Playlists are back again. Hurray!
Thanx a lot for your help!

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