Playlists in 1.8: No artist, no track number, and rendering problems

Roon Core:
Innuos Zenith MkIII

Roon Bridge:
Innuos Zenith MkIII (different unit than the Roon Core)

Roon remote:
ThinkPad P50 Win10/ Dell XPS17 Win10

Have track numbers on playlists been removed from 1.8? Why?

I don’t see any artist information except some tracks display “Various Artist”.

What is all the blue thing in the columns?

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I have the same issue here. Windows 10 remote and iOS remote on iPad do show the same issue:

Same Issue here on Win 10 Pro, on Mac OS Catalina “Interprets” are OK, but no Track numbers in playlists, too.
Please help, the playlists are very important for me.

Kind regards


Hi, @Volker_OB , @Nabob , @Matthias_Heberle , thank you for reports. Unfortunately this problem is related tot he fact that non-English localization for your OS is used :frowning: As a temporary workaround, I can suggest with your localization to English. I am sorry for inconveniences, our team is already working on the fix and it’s probably will be delivered soon.

Sorry for troubles.


Hi Ivan,

thanks for your reply.
How do I change the localization to english? Just by changing the language to english?
Because I already use the english language.
And after going to “settings” I can’t navigate anywhere else than here:

Btw: My iOS remote always closes the roon app as soon as I try to go to the settings section.

And my Android tablet does not show the sidebar on the left at all…
At my Android device, I can navigate to settings by clicking the profile picture and then chosimg “manage profiles”.
The whole settings section is available there, but I don’t see anything for changing OS location other than changing the language…

Best Regards

With build 756 the artist names are back in the playlists and it renders without the purple splotches. Thank you!

Will the track numbers come back? I really hope so!

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