Playlists not fully populating queue - Suspect ties to "add to playlist" or Sorting function

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Win 10 latest build
Roon Core Build 778

I have been attempting to rebuild my playlists after losing them with the 1.8 update. I have run into an issue/potential bug.

I will do my best to describe the issue and how I came across it. I use Tidal and Qobuz for streaming services. I also have a local library. The goal is to create playlists across multiple sources. It worked fabulously in 1.7.

At the moment, I am pulling in my Qobuz playlists and dumping them into a Roon playlist I call “Big List” (creative, I know) to see how I can compile them all together and sort / tag as needed within Roon to re-create my various smaller / theme specific playlists.

I pulled in an estimated 5 or so playlists from Qobuz into the Roon playlist. It currently has 1566 tracks. I have not nailed it down yet, but when I click on certain tracks and hit “Play from here” it will not populate the remaining songs into the Queue. This is regardless of how I sort the playlist.

As an example… If I select (I Wanna Drive The) Zamboni from my playlist regardless of how I’ve sorted it, and hit “play from here”, I always have 333 songs populate into the queue. Most of the songs in that 333 track queue are from a 270 song playlist I added to “Big List”. The rest I can’t determine. Note, that I have not gone through each and every song. That’s why I need Roon to do it.

When I sort the “Big List” - I can’t make heads or tails of how it is doing it. When I sort by title, It seems to work properly up to a point, then I get to “Z” and it starts over in some seemingly random order.

When I use one particular title order and click the first title in the sorted list, it will add all 1566 songs to the queue. However, when I rotate through the 3 different sort by title options, and click the first in the list, none will only add only 1 (what should be the “last”) song into the queue. So, it does not seem to care about sorted order (or only cares about one particular sorting protocol) for ordering the queue. That could be normal.

Granted, this could be me and my lack of understanding re: the sort and filter functions, but I don’t remember having this trouble in 1.7.

I also know that this may not be the most well-written description. If there is any specific information I can add or clarify, I’m happy to do it.

Any help to point me in the correct direction to understand the sorting and how things get added to the queue based on sorting or other criteria is appreciated. I do not always play my lists “randomly”, and I often sort a few playlists and add the tracks I want to a queue. So, understanding how this works is vital to my enjoyment of Roon using 1.8.

Hi @Patrick_Anderson

Thanks for the detailed report here! If possible, could you create a video or some screenshots detailing what you’re seeing? This should help us understand exactly what’s happening and what we need to do to reproduce. Thanks!

Hi @dylan

As always, I appreciate the quick response. I’ve made two videos to help describe what I’m seeing on my end. What is the best way to get them to you?


Hi @Dylan -

Any updates or a way to get you those videos? I’m sure you guys are busy.