Playlists not imported from Music

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac 10.15.4
Roon 1.7 build 555

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Verizon FIOS

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
KEF LS50 on ethernet cable

Description Of Issue

Well it’s quite simple; when I create a playlist in Music, Roon doesn’t import it.
YES, I have Roon looking at a directory within which is a sub-directory with my Music files.
YES, I have told Roon to import playlists.

But so far, it only imported the playlists I already had (before Roon was installed) in Music.

YES, I completely redid the import of the tracks, and that seemed to work just fine: as far as the tracks go, it got the new tracks as well as the old.
NO, that did NOT result in the new PLAYLISTS being imported.


Hi Steven,

Give this thread a read, it might have an answer that will help.

I have no idea what the “MusConv tool” is.

Hi @Steven_Brown1,

When Apple changed from iTunes to Music, one of the things that changed is that the XML file does not automatically update. This XML file is what Roon uses to import playlists created in iTunes/Music. Whenever you create new Music playlists, you’ll need to re-generate the XML file so Roon will be able to see the new playlists.

Ok… how do you update the xml file?

I don’t use Apple, but, a quick google found this, and as other users have used and refer to Soundiiz, I assume it is not sketchy:

Well, ok, fine, it’s pretty simple to export the xml file, and you DON’T need 3rd-party software to do it.
This is still a clunky “solution”. There isn’t much difference between creating a new playlist directly in Roon, and exporting a new xml file EVERY TIME you add a playlist. Both are kluges. There should be a way for Roon to read the playlists directly in Music. It’s the .itl file that should have that information, I would think, since the Music program must read something to maintain the playlists added since the last .xml file (which in my case was a year old). I’ve added many playlists since then, and Music keeps them very nicely in the sidebar. So it must be looking at SOMETHING every time it comes up, right?

Hi @Steven_Brown1,

You’ll need to re-export the library when you want to update the file since it doesn’t automatically update. You have our apologies for the inconvenience here, Steven. I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to the team.

Yes. Think about it. You can manually re-export the xml file every time you add a playlist (which is more often than you add tracks!) or you can manually add the playlist in Roon. And the difference…? How can the Music program see the new playlists both immediately and every time after they’re added? Well, it must read something that is NOT the xml file, mustn’t it. So… why doesn’t Roon read that file?

It might be reading a database not a file. There could be a local database, or, I seem to have read something about keeping that in their iCloud environment.

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