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Description Of Issue
I’m a new with Roon and I’ve downloaded alla my Music Library (ex iTunes) and I think all my tracks are in Roon now but any playlist appears. I’ve tried the ways you suggest to add my playlist without luck. Let me know How can I Do.



iMac OSX Catalina version 10.15.2
My Music library is stored on external HD

Hi @Maurizio_Nencini,

You’ll need to export your iTunes/Apple Music library to an XML file as outline here. Let me know if you have any questions about that process!

I’ve just imported Apple Music Library and all my music is on Roon But no Playlist. Here is the screenshot Of file path

Hi @Maurizio_Nencini,

Can you verify that the iTunes library XML file can be found at that same location (iTunes > iTunes Media > Music)?

No, In the Music Folder are stored the Artists subfolder but no iTunes library.xml
Attached the screenshot about the Root. As you see I’ve downloaded the Music Folder With other tracks.
In the second Screenshot you can see what I watch opening the iTune Folder.

Hi @Maurizio_Nencini,

I think I see the issue here. Your XML file is located at Maurizio 1 > iTunes which is not being watched by Roon (we are watching just the Music folder within iTunes Media.

There are a couple of options here.

First, you could re-export the XML file but make sure it’s exported to the Music folder that is being watched. Alternatively, you could set Roon to watch the entire iTunes folder which also includes all sub-folders.

As long as the iTunes XML file is located inside of a watched folder in Roon the playlists should export.

As you can see from the screenshot I choose the second option but my playlist doesn’t appear

Ok now it works finally. I’ve enabled shared playlist. One question: in Playlist it’s possible the only album view ?

Now it works but many playlist contains partial albums that I’ve in iTunes playlist. In iTunes I’ve 9 Così Fan Tutte but the same playlist in Roon shows only 1 Così Fan tutte. Why ???

Hi @Maurizio_Nencini,

To confirm — You’re wanting to see an album view of the playlists screen? This is not currently possible, but you could use Tags instead of playlists. You can take specific albums and see those albums when you select the tag.

Can you share a screenshot of this playlist in Roon and in iTunes?

My “Horowitz” Playlist on iTunes contains 86 albums while on Roon appears only 19 albums

Hi @Maurizio_Nencini,

I checked with the team on this and, unfortunately, it looks like this is stemming from an issue involving special characters in the XML file that Roon uses to import playlists. The good news is that we have a bug report open with our development team to address this issue. I can’t say for sure when this behavior will be addresses, but we will be sure to keep you updated once we have more information.

Thanks, and apologies for the trouble here!

You may use MusConv tool to transfer your music playlists

Hello @Maurizio_Nencini

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we released Roon 1.7 Build 571, which includes some improvements that we believe should help here. Please give the update a try and let us know if it helps!

You can read the full release notes here:

Roon Support

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