Playlists not Importing

I am a new Roon user and think the product is fantastic!
But I am unable to get my iTunes playlists to import. I have read previous posts and have tried the different fixes I can find.
My Roon level is Level 1.3 (Build 269)
My Mac is running 10.11.6

The iTunes library.xml file is in the iTunes folder along with the iTunes media folder

I have checked that the xml file is updated as playlists change.
I have tried consolidating the library
I have tried turning the import iTunes playlist option off - rescanning - turning it on and rescanning.
I have tried removing the iTunes folder from Roon and then reimporting it fresh.

Am I missing something stupid please?

Hi @Bob_Suter ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help us better understand while the mentioned playlists may not being importing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • Screenshots of…

    • Your “storage” tab found in “settings”

    • The “edit storage location” window displaying the settings you have in place for the watch folder containing the mentioned playlists.

  • Please provide the following in a shared dropbox link for evaluation:

    1. A copy of your “iTunes library.xml” file

    2. A copy of one of the mentioned playlists not appearing in Roon. You can do this by exporting it from iTunes to an M3U file.

  • Please verify where the media making up these playlists are being accessed from.

  • Please confirm that the media making up the playlists are available in Roon.

  • Just to confirm (re-confirm), you have followed our knowledge base (guidelines) on importing playlist into Roon, correct?


Hi Eric,
Thanks for your reply… and sorry for the delay… I have been away for a few days.
Here is the information you requested.

Screenshot of Storage Tab.

Screen Shot of Edit Storage Location

I have also included a screenshot of the contents of my iTunes folder, showing the xml file and the iTunes media folder within it.

Here is a dropbox link to a folder containing the xml file and a play list
[Removed after content was downloaded by support]

The media making up these playlists is stored in the “iTunes Media” folder in within the iTunes folder

This media is available to Roon

I have followed the knowledge base guidelines…

The strange thing here is that shortly after I posted this request for help ALL of my iTunes playlists did appear in Roon!
But I came back a couple of hours later to use them and they had all disappeared again… nothing had been switched off or changed.

Thanks for your help

Hi - I am not sure the first screen shot worked- so here it is again

Hi @Bob_Suter ---- Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested materials :thumbsup:

Confirming that I have accessed the provided dropbox link and downloaded the contents. Furthermore, I’d like to take a closer look into what could be causing this behavior especially since you said that the playlists appeared briefly and then disappeared again.

In light of the above I have went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your account. This action will automatically generate/upload a diagnostics report to our servers which will contain a fresh set of logs. The next time your core machine comes online we should receive the report at which point I will have our techs take a look.

Your patience is very appreciated!

Hi Eric…
Thanks for this…
Very interesting… I closed Roon down and then opened it again (in case you needed that to produce the diagnostics).
As it opened all the play lists were there… Was just going to put this in the post but about 20 seconds later they are gone again!
All very strange.

Thanks for the update @Bob_Suter! I have sent you a PM with the “next steps” for addressing this behavior :sunglasses:

Looking forward to your feedback!

What was the solution?

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