Playlists > Sorted by Last Updated [Available in Build 831]

Hi there,

What I would love as a feature is to be able to sort my playlists by ‘Last Updated’.
Some of my playlists are updated more frequently and those are also most of the time the ones I listen to, so to be able to have the latest updated on top would be very h helpful in finding them.

Thanks in advance!

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Playlists in general need some love from Roon. I understand Roon is Album-centric and that’s fine because the vast majority of music is packaged that way.
But increasingly Artists are releasing music in ways that just don’t mesh with the Album concept. EPs, singles via Services like Qobuz, and singles only released by the Artist are increasingly important. Playlists are really the best way to package this music into useable listening units.


Totally agree!
Also: the human curated playlists, as these are the counterpart of the music discovery algorithms.

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Hi @Markus_Rummens, Roon’s September 2021 release now allows sorting by date modified. Please see our release notes for more information:

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