Playlists within Roon with music tracks from both Tidal and Qobuz

Situation: I have put together playlists within Roon with music tracks from both Tidal and Qobuz.

As of January 25, I will stop with my Tidal subscription (and continue with only Qobuz).

  • What happens to the Roon playlists when Tidal is stopped?
  • Does Roon automatically replace the Tidal music tracks with Qobuz music tracks?

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance

The Tidal tracks will show as Unavailable. You will have to readd the Qobuz versions.

You can export the playlist from Roon to Qobuz. Qobuz will create the playlist with all the tracks, if available, in Qobuz. Then, this playlist will show up in Roon. I think you can export to Roon also, but I don’t remember for sure.

To export to Qobuz you may have to use Soundiz or TuneMyMusic, but I don’t remember that either.

As mentioned, you can export playlist to Soundiiz format, use Soundiiz to import into Qobuz. Then import the Qobuz playlist back into Roon.

I guess it depends on how many tracks you need to clean up.

As others have already said, they’ll become unavailable :frowning:

If it’s more than a couple of tracks then exporting the playlists to Qobuz via a 3rd party service like Soundiz is probably the easiest option right now.

But it also reminded me of a old feature request I opened here…

is there still no option, Roon will choose automatically the best available version in a RoonPlaylist?
I thought that was one of the great advantages of roon - choosing the best version

Will this service will be implemented soon?

All my Roon playlists are linked to Tidal and now i switched to Qobuz. :frowning:

You can use Soundiz to send them to Qobuz and Qobuz will send them back to Roon.