Please add CZECH radios

Please add some on the Czech radios

Thanks in advance Eduard

Hello @Eduard_Kucera, there are more than 30 in that list. This could take a while!

Are there any which are particularly important to add first?

Thanks for the fast response
The simplest way is to go by the list - row by row :smile:
Czech public radio services are on the top of list and all are addfree
They are called CR…
All the best Eduard

Ok, as I said, this might take a while, but they’ll trickle in.

Done the first 4. Please check. Maybe more tomorrow.

Thanks for the good start!
CRo1 & 2 doen’t play - because track failed to load
CRo3 & 4 PLAY! The web link is link of CRo2
1st track played on CRo3 Vltava was Vltava (Moldau) by Smetana!!!
Thanks Eduard

Every track plays for me. Don’t understand.

I’ve fixed the web link.

I’ve tested the links via Roon’s US servers, and they work.

What happens if you try
directly in your browser?

Hmm, I wonder if you are suffering from a bug in Roon that is affecting a small number of users.

Can you try aac streams from other radio stations please?
And from your library if you have any

@Eduard_Kucera I’ve added the rest of the CRo stations apart from the regional ones. What region are you in?

Thanks a lot

  1. I’m from Prague
  2. I found that my roon and/or roon devices aren’t able to retrieve or play .aac streams
  3. mp3 are OK
    All the best Eduard

That sounds the same issue as
BBC internet radio stations no longer play. Do you use a QNAP NAS?

You might consider adding your name to the thread.

Yes, you know everything!
QNAP1282 updated yesterday
Devices: matrix audio element X, number of Volumio clients & one Ropiee

All the best Eduard

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