Please add Sleep timer in Roon [done]


Don’t know if this feature was suggested before. But if will be cool if Sleep Time is implemented into Roon.

The sleep time is just to set a time when the music or radio stop .

This feature work well in SONOS… and it will be nice if we can have it in Roon.




I also asked for this before…and a wake up too…especially where low power RPi and digiamp hats are involved :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Paul
Hopefully we will be listened to…

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Other players like Oppo Sonica and Synology DS Audio have sleep. Volumio even has a Wake option I think

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Another vote for sleep from me.


And please add the option to shut down the core pc and if possible the abilty to turn on using wol

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Another slepp/wakeup timer vote!


A Sleep feature would be a great idea and you’d have though relatively easy to implement?

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It’s not often that I feel the urge to back a feature request, but this is one that I’d really like.

Preferably with a nice and gentle volume curve sloping downwards…


+1 on this feature. Just added Roon to a bedroom system and this feature would be most welcome.


I vote for this as well

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My vote as well :slight_smile:

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For those who haven’t noticed yet and like a bit of tinkering; I created an Alarm Clock extensions that has a sleep function including fade-out.

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This has been requested, but is there a way forward? I am using ROCK and roon for most of my zones (4 zones). However, I struggle to fall asleep without some background music. As such, I am still using LMS and a squeezebox streaming from a NAS drive. I would love roon/ROCK to be able to have sleep or a timer.

Have you tried Jan’s Alarm Clock extension (see his post immediately above yours)?

The Alarm from Jan is excellent and work fine herei have set five alarm on two zones…
This is the best solution so far…

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I did look at the extension, but I am running ROCK, not Linux. I don’t think you can add extensions while running ROCK, unless something has changed.

I’m also running ROCK, but the extensions can be installed on another computer. So I have installed Jan’s extension manager, and the RPi touchcontrol extension on my desktop PC. They run there, and are integrated into Roon as if by magic…

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Thanks, I did not know that was possible. I am busy with work, but will try this later this week.


The cheapest option is to use the Raspberry Pi.
Cheaper and low running cost…