Please add WROR 105.7 Boston MA - USA

Please add WROR 105.7 from Boston MA - USA

Done. Please check. US stream only.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for adding, I can see WROR appear.
Won’t play (unfortunately) not from my Roon from Europe, despite using VPN via USA.
My laptop internet live listening from their WROR website is working (using VPN via USA).

Thanks, Jos

I don’t know how much of a tinkerer you are, but this thread may help (it’s not straightforward is all I know)

I just tried using a VPN with Roon and played the station OK.

Brian, thanks for help.

I have succeeded a bit… got it running with Roon on Laptop with a new Roon core installed on this laptop as well. Normally, my Roon Core is located on my NAS… still ‘fighting’ with NAS and VPN and Roon :wink:

Yes, that’s how I do it. Then Roon’s radio connections are through the VPN. Normally my core is on a Rock, so no chance of a VPN there. Good luck with the NAS because your control needs to be local to the VPN’d core which is beyond me.

Anyway, pleased you can hear the station. Let me know if you succeed with your VPN fight.

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