Please, can somebody from Roon explain to me why the photo of Taylor Swift

I can’t check this with Indie Folk because I don’t see it in Genres for You and see no way to expand these to “More”. I do, however, get a white blob for Paisley Underground:

although when I click trough:

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Thanks for explaining how this works.
Lady Gaga? as representative for Americana?
At least this feature has some kind of humor. :slight_smile:

Edit: I have nothing tagged from Taylor Swift myself. All songs in my library are from streaming services.

I was wondering who the Americana person was, and I don’t have any Gaga album in my library. So it seems to not work the way I thought :slight_smile:

So maybe it is not Lady Gaga (therefore my question mark). :slight_smile:

We definitley need a function to click on a photo and get the answer to the question “who is this artist?” :slight_smile:

It is Lady Gaga, same photo as her artist page

LOL, yeah. And definitely it should make better choices

Interesting, thanks. However, I don’t have this in my library and, as non-library albums are apparently considered, Lady Gaga must be a minuscule percentage of albums tagged as Americana genre. So it’s still weird :slight_smile:

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And that makes her the poster girl for the genre Americana? :smiley:

Please explain the algorithm behind this choice. :smiley:

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Lady Gaga is a leading artist in many genres

By the way, the algorithm definitely does take the local library into account.

  • The Dylan picture in my Singer/Songwriter genre is the one I chose locally for Dylan
  • I have only 4 albums in the Audiobook genre and one of these artists is chosen as the genre picture; it’s a not-so-famous German author, so unlikely to get chosen by a broader algorithmic choice

Hey @Suedkiez, @Daiyama and @DaveN

Linked below is an explanation I posted a few months ago. As mentioned, the images you see associated with Genres in Roon are influenced by artists in your local library, and tags from our metadata providers. Those genre tags are cultivated from the artist’s main page and individual albums. Albums that are HUGELY popular like the A Star is Born Soundtrack (@Suedkiez "roots rock is also tagged on the album) can place a thumb on the scales due to their reach.

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Thanks. The algorithm is broken or the weighting is wildly off if a single popular album can tip the scales so much that Gaga can become the icon for both Americana and Roots Rock. The only explanation for the latter that I could find is this album and its track artists:

What happens if Beyonce contributes to a tribute album for Johnny Cash, she’ll appear on all the Country genres?

Probably not. If she recorded a straight Country album, it went supersonic, and it was crushing repeat plays in Roon…possibly. Again, it depends on your individual library. Gram Parsons is the king of Americana for me.

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Cute but doesn’t fix the problem. Can you not refer this to the Roon developers? Something is clearly not working in a beneficial way

Again, I don’t have a single Gaga in my library and tons of stuff tagged as Americana as well as some Roots Rock, none of which is Gaga

As could be seen also in the old blues/Led Zepplin threat, there is something off with the current system choosing representative artists for a genre.
For me this would be perfect task for Art Director, so the Roon users could vote for an artist who would fit best representing a genre.
Maybe this is something which could be pitched to the development team?

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I have the same problem with Reggae being represented by Gilles Peterson, a white Anglo-French Jazz DJ!


I do think that it should take my library into account though, as it seems to do now in part. If I don’t like or know an artist, it’s not a good choice for the genre for me, whatever Valence thinks

While Gaga is busy with her Roots Rock duties, Americana has now switched to Joey Burns / John Covertino of Calexico and Giant Sand, which makes total sense for my personal library. No idea why, nothing changed in the library

I wouldn‘t mind.
I am not so much into this „I hate this or that artist, I do not want to see or hear anything from them in my library.“
If a majority things this is a good/typical representative of a genre I would be ok with it, even when I do not have any albums off them in my library.

Depends, and it’s a complex topic. In some cases, an artist is so representative for a genre that they make the perfect choice regardless of my opinion.

In other cases, the genre simply doesn’t have an artist that represents it generally, so ideally it should have something to do with my library rather than a picture that means nothing to me

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