Please fix Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi 4 down-converting 1st-unfolded 96kHz/24bit MQA stream to 16bit when using the HDMI audio out

I would like to stream Tidal MQA to my Denon without the ridiculous “Roon Tested” limitation of being restricted to Airplay 48/16. So, I would like to use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a transport bridge, and connect the RPi to my Denon AVR-X4400h via HDMI. I am specifically trying to avoid the need for further hardware like a JustBoom or HifiBerry Digi and SPDIF (which work perfectly by the way).

When I set up a Roon Bridge on RPi, and then play the stream out from the RPi’s HDMI output, Roon shows the audio as being down-converted from 24bit to 16bit. Please see my detailed findings here: Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi 4 performs bit depth conversion 24 bit to 16 bit when playing to HDMI audio output

I can get everything to work, but only by replacing Roon Bridge with PiCorePlayer, that Roon Server then connects to using the SqueezeBox interface…

Why should I have to introduce a third party bridge instead of Roon Bridge? I believe Roon Bridge should fully support a 1st-unfolded MQA stream at 96/24 into my Denon over Raspberry Pi’s HDMI port.

This feature is likely to open up a large group of customers who want a simply way to play high quality 1st-unfoled MQA to their AVR receivers.