Please help: Having issues with Beolab 3

I’m after some help here please, as I am sure there are some knowledgeable people here who have Bang & Olufsen kit working with Roon.

I have just taken delivery of a near-mint pair of Beolab 3 speakers and ultimately I want to make them a zone in my Roon setup.

This is the first time owning a pair of B&O speakers, and my first time with active speakers as well. In the first instance I just want to prove to myself that the speakers are working as expected, they are second hand after all.

So I have purchased the following RCA to DIN cable from Sounds Heavenly;

I have an Audiolab 6000A amplifier which has a pre-out and also has a pre-amplifier function. So I thought I would be able to test the cable and the BL3s by connecting them to the Audiolab pre-outs and switching it to pre-amp mode.

Unfortunately that isnt working; the BL3s red power lights come on but they never change to green to indicate a incoming signal and I never hear any sound from them at all.

What have I done wrong? Any suggestions gratefully received!

Just to report back here, I have solved my problem… user error!

The SETUP switch has three positions LEFT, RIGHT, LINE. I needed to select LINE for my non-B&O amp, however the diagram on the speaker gives the impression that the LINE position is at the bottom when in fact it is as the top. I think the notch on the DIN socket in the diagram shows the correct orientation but I missed that earlier.

Anyway they are working now and I’m a happy bunny… thanks for listening :wink:

Look in the back of the lab 3 and toggle the switch to line in on each.

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