Please help me configure/pick a subwoofer

I am awaiting delivery of a Cayin MT-12N tube amp. It has 3 inputs, which I don’t think will help but pointing that out.

Anyway, for my desktop system, I am going from my iMac to a Topping D50s to a Schiit Lokius, then to my power amp’s input. I am not using a preamp.

The Lokius has a seat of balanced outputs. Could I run these with an RCA adaptor into a sub?

How can I set this up so I can use a sub under my desk? And: any reccos for a relatively small sub?

Thanks as always!!!

Hi Peter
Use a sub with high level imputs.

Some devices can use Both outputs in the same time, others specifically do not recommend doing that. You have to check Lokius

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@Peter_Rustin, I just installed a Presonus T8 sub for one of my office systems. It has both TRS and RCA inputs, as well as a fixed 80 Hz high-pass filter on both the TRS or RCA outputs, and integrates very well. Presonus has a slightly less expensive similar model, but this seems a bit more robust. I was wanting a HPF on the outputs and this fits the requirement well, and I can use either input or output simultaneously to my active monitors or a power amp. Just one idea.

Good news. Schist told me BOTH the RCA and balanced outputs are active. so, I could get an inexpensive balanced/RCA adapter cable and run it from there.

Any thoughts on the Monoprice slim subwoofers? Looks perfect for under desk use…

High level input or inputs refers to wired connection to the sub/subs from either the power amplifier loudspeaker posts or one or both of the loudspeaker cables as they arrive at the loudspeakers. These connections are often made using a barewire at amplifier to Speakon at the subwoofer end.

For instance my sub has phono connections (low level) to my yamaha AV system and high level to one of my Cyrus power amps. In my case I have an active system with two power amps. I connect the high level cable which has three wires from the bass amplifier, one wire to each positive connector and a common to a negative terminal. It works really well. Sounded frightening to me at the time!

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It seems the suggested sub has high-level spring connectors. You can wire that inbetween the amp and speakers. I prefer the sub to be down a cable direct from the speaker terminals. Make sure you only work on the connections with all power is off as shorts can be fatal to some components.

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Yes I have Yamaha SW300 (hope I remember the name). It has connection for bare wire in and out (left and right) so no need to use the “scary” method. Then I bought another sw300 for a stereo sub setup. After that I bought an power amp that has RCA out besides the speakers post so now I’m using that. Someday I’ll test to see what I like best. And some day I’ll change them but after speaker upgrades.

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I never heard one of the monoprice so no thoughts on that. Other than I’ve seen people sing that the best place for a sub is near field, in the back of your seat or like in the picture (below the siting point)

But you can use the spring connections from power amp and also the RCA from Lokius with the adapter and see what you prefer. Some people prefer the signal to sub to be thru the amp.