Please report station errors here

The Flemish QMusic radio station ( isn’t working.

The following link is working:

Hello @Antoon_Gijsens , I have updated the URLs for Q Music BE. Try now. (I used different ones from you as they contained metadata)

I see there are 7 Belgian Qmusic stations - I’ll add the others later.

PS. The station names should really be Qmusic etc, similar to the Dutch ones. I’ll update titles later too.

Hello Brian, it works, many thanks!

Hello again @Antoon_Gijsens , I’ve added the remaining stations. They all start Qmusic BE, while the Dutch ones all start Qmusic NL

Super, thank you so much!

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Hi ist ist possible to ade “dasding” Radio form SWR?
I can’t find it by searching in the Roon library.
Therefore, I’ve tried it by my self but the MP3 URL doesn’t work…

Hello @Michael_Graf , I’ve added Dasding for you. Please check if ok.


Radio Nova in Finland is not working on the old address anymore - it just repeats the message that one should open RadioPlay account for it. The channel is available also via TuneIn: Radio Nova, 106.2 FM, Helsinki, Finland | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

Can someone update it, please?

Hi @Matti_Malkamaki, it looks like TuneIn is the only working service at the moment. I have managed to get a link that is working now, so please try it for me and report back.


Hi @Matti_Malkamaki, unfortunately, that link has reverted back to repeating the initial message, so I can’t find a working replacement for you at the moment.

There isn’t a URL I can extract from TuneIn that lasts more than 19 seconds as they are using a renewing token.

Thanks! I’ll contact Radio Nova and see, what they can do.

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Since a while back, unable to listen to this station from my old hoods:

Great if live radio entry can be corrected. Many thanks!

I’ve added 107.8 Radio Jackie to the Roon’s Live Radio directory. Unfortunately Roon does not seem to be compatible at the moment with the m3u8 format provided by the station
I’ve asked the station for an alternative stream (little hope…) and informed Roon devs about the issue.

DR P4 Fyn has wrong stream data and can’t play

The urls are with https and should only be http.

Hi @alec_eiffel and @Yowza, I’ve found an alternative, working stream for this station. Please test and confirm (works for me and I’m in the UK)


PS. @alec_eiffel I found this stream on

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Hi @Per_Bau, I’ve changed the streams to http; please test that they are now working.

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Hi @Stampie

Thanks works perfect now.


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Thanks. Seems to work now, with alternative streams to choose from as well :slight_smile:

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Hi, Hard Rock Hell Radio, London has stopped working.The station is still ‘on air’ as I can get it via this link from the radio station page in ROON

or this one

Don’t know when it stopped as I haven’t listened for a couple of months