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Whoops. Changed.

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Jazz de Ville is not working since the latest update. If I am not active listening I like Jazz de Ville Groove and Jazz de Ville Chill as background (next to Swissgroove).


Unfortunately the Jazz de Ville stations don’t work since the latest Roon update, neither can I find them with the tuner.

Hello @Hans_van_Mierlo , I can play the station without issues. Can you play other stations OK? Has anything else changed?

What is your core running on?

(I have also added the the other three Jazz de Ville stations - they were not in the database)

Thank you @BrianW! I did not link it to the core. But since you mentioned I have rebooted and it works again :slight_smile:

I use Nucleus. And even though I bought it (years ago) to have problem free operations, I more and more realize that it is a limiting factor. I already have upgraded the RAM from 4 to 16 because of regular crashes. What is a better core? Any advice?

That’s good.

I’m not a nucleus expert, but do run a nuc, and do not suffer from crashes. It may be worth your while posting on #support:nucleus-support to see if some help/guidance can be found there.