Please report station errors here

I am able to play the station without problems - and the database stream does not have a t= param.

It is playing silence though.

Now playing ok.

@Douglas_Weil . Are you still having problems? Are other stations ok?

My suspicion now is that they were having problems at their stream source and things were working intermittently… and it was chance that meant for me it worked with a t= (mimicking what they do from their web site)

and right now they have the artist and title switched around.

From their web site - it looks like they have been having problems for a few hours because the list of recently played songs has a gap of aound 2 hours.

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Nope, I changed the URL as shown above and I still get the same error message. It does not connect to the station. So, I don’t even get silence. Actually, I do get silence, but it isn’t silence from BluesRadio,

I am having one other live radio problem, but I don’t think it’s directly related. When I play JB Radio, it initially plays but after about 15 seconds, I experience audio dropouts and eventually a disconnect. JB Radio is a 48/24 station, but I have other stations that play fine at 192/24 and streaming songs from Qobuz at CD+ quality speeds is perfect.

Hmm. Playing around, I found just once that the stream didn’t play, but it did when I tried again.

The stream actually redirects (for load sharing purposes) - I suppose it’s possible (unlikely I think really) that one of the redirected streams causes Roon problems.

The other stream shown in the database,, is specifically one of the redirects and Roon is ok with that.

If you select that, do things work?

Apart from JB radio-2, other flac stations are ok? (Search for flac with the magnifying glass)

That second URL did the trick. I initially tried editing my existing My Live Radio link but that didn’t work. Deleting it and then re-entering Radio Blues with the second URL worked.

Thank you very much!

I think all other FLAC radio stations that I have in my library (a few dozen) work OK now.

I’ll try to check each one over the course of the next couple days and will post here if there’s any others MIA or spitting the bit over higher data volume.

The database version of the station had that second link.
Were you not using the database version?

No, I stumbled on the Blues Radio station via this article (link below) and used the links it provided via the URL entry option on Roon. I used similar links via that source for many of the other stations I listen to via Roon.

Ok. I also monitor that site and you should find all those stations in the roon database (except for some flac streams which use ogg stream start and stop signals to include metadata. Roon stumbles on those)

I think one of the reasons I started using that site is that I used to have trouble with Roon search finding FLAC stations.

Maybe the search engine has improved, or maybe it was operator error… :grimacing:

In any event, I appreciate your help. You wouldn’t be the guy I need to talk to about the problems with metadata from stations like RP? :smile:

I really like Roon, but it’s things like the broken metadata taking weeks to get fixed that keeps me from opting for the lifetime membership…

Search for Flac using the magnifying glass.

It’s a known problem:

Sorry, I’m confused by that last message.

It’s a known problem, but the bug report/ticket seems to be saying it’s fixed.

And FWIW, I use Roon on Android and Windows.

This is very Roon. I say that as someone who actually really likes Roon a lot, but also finds it incredibly frustrating too often.

People use Roon for a lot of reasons/benefits. One of those is music discovery. And having good, reliable metadata is fundamental to music discovery and further digging.

But metadata on live radio has been broken for a couple weeks now.

This just seems like it should be a much higher priority. Maybe it is a really high priority and is just difficult to fix.

I don’t know. But it’s not good.

Apologies, I searched for the metadata issue/ticket thread and got the wrong one. It should have been this one

Thanks for clarifying.


UK Greatest Hits Radio stations don’t seem to be playing correctly. In particular, the South Coast region is now playing something called Nation Radio, and the Dorset and East Dorset regions seem to be missing. Would someone mind taking a look at and checking the above regions? I suspect others might have been updated too.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @jimbo , I have updated
Greatest Hits Radio (Dorset)
Greatest Hits Radio (East Dorset)
Greatest Hits Radio (South Coast)

Please check now.

(You’re right with the others, I’ll work on them)


Checked and all working well. Thanks very much!

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FYI, “Always Elvis Radio” of Denmark is currently catagorized under Classical.

Arguably, it does play classics, but it’s definitely not Classical.