Please report station errors here

Can you check KUOW Seattle please? Ty

Hello @Kurt_Smith1
Yes, the stream wasn’t working. I’ve replaced with a new one. Can you check if alll OK now?

Possibly an eccentric choice – but in this crowd, no apologies are necessary. Radio Dismuke, a service programming dance music from the twenties and thirties, plays at twice the required speed.

BBC 3, the default stream don’t play, the 2 other streams (lower quality) plays OK.

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I think the problem us that the stream is 11.025khz. An unusual, but not illegal, rate. Roon tries to play it at 22.05 and keeps stopping as it runs out of bits.

I can’t fix it, but I can raise it with Roon.


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Hello @ToreB, you’ve come across an issue which is affecting some UK listeners. The 320k stream is UK only but because of a bug in Roon, the geographical restriction was being wrongly applied to UK listeners.

As a temporary measure, I have removed a flag in Roon indicating this which enables UK listeners to listen to a UK only stream. See All BBC high quality streams marked "unavailable"

Thus there is now no warning in the station saying This stream is unavailable in your region. You are, however, able to play the other streams.

I apologise for the confusion here and I hope it gets sorted soon.

if you could leave that flag furled… helps those of us outside the UK who use a VPN. Don’t tell anybody.

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I’ve added a note to the end of the blurb for each of the affected stations

I thought that maybe that was the issue , but din not see any info about region. Thanks for the update!

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Since yesterday Radio Veronica is not playing anymore. Error message that appears after a couple of seconds is “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.”

Yes, a dud stream. I’ve replaced them… Try now.

Thank you very much Brian, problem solved!! Great!

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A general question: if a stream changes or trackers have to be updated. Don’t you have a system to automatically detect it?
How TuneIn manages to maintain its millions of stations always working?
Is it not better for you to include TuneIn as a service same as Tidal and Qobuz?

Regarding updating streams - I can’t see how it could be done automatically. While it is possible to detect when a stream no longer works, the source can (and often does) change servers altogether. There is the rudiments of stream monitoring in Roon but so far roon users are quicker to inform the curators. We then manually analyse the site to determine the new stream.

Perhaps Tunein receive notifications and updates from the sources. It is certainly the case that other aggregators have the same problems as we do with streams becoming unavailable.

You are permitted to include Tunein streams in your own my live radio area, but Roon does not use them in its own community wide database.

(An added wrinkle. Are you aware that Tunein are now blocked from providing international radio stations to UK listeners? See here for example.)

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I’ve been a unable to stream JBradio 2 for 24 hours or more. I am wondering if anybody else is having the same problem?

Playing it now. Try looking for JB Radio-2.

The 192k stream is down (it seems to be unreliable). The 96k stream is working.