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Hello Brian.
In Holland we have what we call Pirate Music, Piratenmuziek.
comparable with Deutsche Schlager musik.
Amateur transmitters sent this kind of music on illegal equipment, until they were sometimes caught in
the end by the police.
Now we listen to this kind of music via internet, witch is perfectly legal, the station is registered and the pay Buma Stemra rights.
The station is called Radio Regenboog,
The quality of the sound is perfect, though it is music from end sixties en 70 years.
Is it possible to add this station to Roon??

Hello @Walter_van_Langeveld , I’ve added Radio Regenboog for you. Please check if OK.

Hallo Brian,
I chequed out, but not ok

I’ve just re-checked. Works OK for me.

What problem are you seeing?

Thanks, Brian,

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I’m having trouble streaming WBJC classical station, Baltimore, MD, USA. Wondering if the URL has changed. I created a, “My Radio”, station using the URL, “”. This is working correctly but Roon’s links for this radio station do not seem to be working today.

Hello @Douglas_Gardner , the links had changed. I’ve updated them, try now.

@BrianW , All good now. Thanks for updating.

Hi Brian,

I think the stream URL for “” has changed.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Dirkjan_de_Vries , this is an extremely flaky station. Lots of gateway errors at the moment.

I’ve tried a number of streams which should work, but often don’t. The current one I’ve added usually works, but sometimes you have to try a number of times.

Not satisfactory at all.

I’ll keep trying.

EDIT. Found another stream

EDIT2. The gateway errors have disappeared and the correct streams now work and entered.

I must have caught it at a bad time.

Thanks Brian, its working great now!

Roon suggested Clare FM on St. Patrick’s Day (I think I searched for “Irish Traditional”), but then proved unable to open the stream.

Hello @Bill_Janssen , I’ve changed the URL. Try now.

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Core - Roon Nucleus
Device - Apple iMac, MacOS 10.14.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network - Wired ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

dcs Vivaldi system via wired ethernet
Apple iMac via wired ethernet.

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 50,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

Live Radio stations KDFC and KJAZZ will not play. “Unable to play this station… blah, blah, blah.”
No major problems in the past. Unable to play for ~1 week now.
Playback of local music library files and Tidal files works fine on all devices. It’s only Live Radio which suddenly stopped working.

Hello @Charles_Craiglow , I’ve changed the URLs. Try now.

EDIT. While I was there, I added KJazz - Cool Jazz as well. The quality isn’t very good though.

Yes - both stations now play! Thank you! Would I run into this problem again with other stations in the future? Or will this fix work across all stations?

No, we have to fix each station separately depending on just how it has failed.

There is no problem in letting us know if you ever have problems - we endeavour to be prompt.

Excellent. Thank you again. This was a quick response.

FYI - I primarily use Live Radio as background music at the desktop on Bose mini-speakers (which actually sound pretty good, considering). I play other stuff on the main system in the listening room.

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Sorry for being slow and off topic. But i must say i really appreciate that Radio Paradise FLAC stream now seems to carry metadata and ALSO allow me to click artist, title and album and being redirected to the corresponding view of these on my streaming service!
When did this happen? :smiley:
Thanks Roon guys!

Thanks also go to the wonderful @alec_eiffel , see