Please report station errors here

Hello @Charles_Craiglow , I’ve changed the URLs. Try now.

EDIT. While I was there, I added KJazz - Cool Jazz as well. The quality isn’t very good though.

Yes - both stations now play! Thank you! Would I run into this problem again with other stations in the future? Or will this fix work across all stations?

No, we have to fix each station separately depending on just how it has failed.

There is no problem in letting us know if you ever have problems - we endeavour to be prompt.

Excellent. Thank you again. This was a quick response.

FYI - I primarily use Live Radio as background music at the desktop on Bose mini-speakers (which actually sound pretty good, considering). I play other stuff on the main system in the listening room.

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Sorry for being slow and off topic. But i must say i really appreciate that Radio Paradise FLAC stream now seems to carry metadata and ALSO allow me to click artist, title and album and being redirected to the corresponding view of these on my streaming service!
When did this happen? :smiley:
Thanks Roon guys!

Thanks also go to the wonderful @alec_eiffel , see



This one stopped working? Berliner Rundfunk,

Thanks for the great product so far and can you kindly check it?

All the best,


Hello @Matti_Malkamaki , I’ve updated the URLs. Try now.

Unfortunately didn’t work, I tried to reboot and also used search for the radio

This is Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 yes?
It works for me.
Are you seeing

You see the text? It fails to “load the track”. All the other radios work fine…

You have a different image - that indicates you have added the station yourself to my live radio. Try deleting that, searching with the magnifying glass for Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, and using that. If all OK, then add to my live radio.

Thanks! That made the day!

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The DR P4 Sjælland live radio stream has stopped working. Other local radio streams from DR P4 seems to work.

Hello @Anders_Berth , it’s because an HLS stream was added in order to test some upcoming developments by Roon.

I’ve removed that stream for the time being - try now, and apologies for the inconvenience.

It is ok now. Thank you.

KTBG, The Bridge 909 in Kansas City, only today has consistently returned “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.” error. The last time I streamed it was Friday April 1. All my other stations are playing fine, including all my BBC stations.

I am located in the KC area, so can listen to it on the radio, and also can stream from their app, website, and the NPR website. Has something changed in their stream?

Hello @Robert_F , the station had an HLS stream added, which is currently causing Roon problems. I have temporarily removed the stream. Try now.

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@BrianW, thank you! Works again, much appreciated.

“Inforadio vom rbb” stopped working (Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load) . Please make it work again.