Please stop using Japanese font to display Chinese character

Roon Server, Roon Remote both Android & iOS version are packed with non-genuine Chinese font named “NotoSansCJKJP”, It is a Japanese style font for Hanzi (they call it Kanji in Japan).

NotoSansCJKJP has many characters in weird & bad shape when you look it in the Chinese way.

Consider use NotoSansCJKSC & Noto SansCJKTC for Simplified & Traditional Chinese, or just use the system default font when it comes to display any Chinese characters (Hanzi).


Hi @tr991_zhuanjia ,

Thanks for the report here, I’ve passed your report on to the team for further investigation!

Hello @tr991_zhuanjia ,

Can you please provide a few examples of strings in our translation tool with this issue and how they should look like vs how they look now? Thanks!

Hi @noris ,
I’m afraid not. The issue I reported is on the layer of font instead of string. It’s not possible to show the difference via translation tool because they’re the same string displayed in different fonts.
But I made a image on how both style fonts looks different to each other in detail:

Only way to correct this is using separated font (My suggestion is NotoSansCJKSC) for Chinese language. I tested this font, it includes both Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and even all Japanese-special charactors. Personally I don’t mind NotoSansCJKSC sharing as font lib for both Chinese & Japanese. Hanzi was originated as Chinese writting after all.


Thank you for the detailed explanation of the differences @tr991_zhuanjia !
I’ll forward this to the team for their investigation into this. Happy Holidays!

This problem still exists in version 1.8 (build 898); In addition, English fonts are smaller than Chinese fonts, which leads to the fact that Chinese strings cannot be displayed completely in some narrow spaces.

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Hi @Jerry ,

Thanks for the report. There was some work done in this area recently, I’ll check with the team on this. Can you provide any examples in Roon where the font is still incorrect vs how it should look like?

I’ll forward this to the team as well!

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At present, this font is displayed incorrectly. I don’t know whether it is a translation problem or a font problem. Please feed back and investigate

Hi @Jerry ,

Can you please share a screenshot of how the character is supposed to look instead? In some other application or a text editor?


You can see that the green part is displayed correctly and the red part is displayed with problems.