Please suggestions to solve time lag on track and album changes

OK, so most likely not HDD related then. My other guess would have been to say it was RAM related, but you seem to have ruled that out, so I’m now fresh out of ideas. Hopefully support will be able to figure this out for you.

Thanks @Andreas_Philipp1 and @DaveN

RAM leakage over time used to be an issue before build 931. After that, solved.

I’m not an IT expert but I agree with Andreas that this either seems as a Mac OS related issue…or a router set up one (my first initial thought).

If Mac OS related, I’m puzzled why no more people are suffering this with OS Monterrey. I’ve moved a some days ago to the beta program, as I read some people found Mac OS related issues in new betas, but no improvement. I don’t see many comments on issues like mine w/ Monterrey. Might it be because the large size of mi library (120K local, 30K Tidal)?. But again, utility monitor does not show signs of “RAM suffering”.

If router, I’m using an Unifi UDM and I’m not network expert…It used to work perfectly, but they upgrade the firmware now and then and settings might have gotten out of whack

Still puzzled…thanks for the help guys…let’s see if Roon support has some ideas

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I think it is an issue of ineffective garbage collection. In my case, I was running Roon server on a dedicated Linux box with 16 GB RAM, with a library size at that time between 150.000 and 180.000 tracks. As soon as the RAM usage went over 5.5 GB, the slow-down was noticeable. With slow-down I refer to lagging interface interaction; the music reproduction was never affected. When the RAM usage went over 6,5 GB, the slow-down was unbearable and I had to restart the Roon server. But, at 6,5 GB RAM usage, I had 9 GB still unused RAM, and there was no swapping out of RAM to disk.

Now, with Roon running on the same machine, but with a library of 220.000 tracks, all is well. RAM usage changes between 3,5 and 6,0 GB, but I never notice any slow-down. It goes up, and it goes down, too. Roon server is running stable and well…

And yes… at first, with a much smaller library, this was almost unnoticeable. But, with every thousand additional tracks, the problem got worse. So it clearly is dependent on the database size, or object count.

In your initial post you say you have 8gb ram correct?
I think that is undersized for present library with the Macos right now.

That’s an interesting observation as my library, on a Mac mini M1, is currently ~196k tracks, I have 16GB RAM, and I also find that 5.5GB is about the limit before things start to slow down quite badly. In my case, I have a script running that restarts the core if/when it goes above 5.2GB. I’m definitely looking forward to roon sorting out the move to .NET.

The change for better will be quite dramatic… without taking into account the raw power of the M1, when it will run natively…

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Mmmm… yes all points to Roon/Mac OS issues.

RAM usage in my case is 5-6gb and no swapping to disk. It says about 4gb of app usage, about 1gb of physical mem and <1 compressed mem usage. All out of 8gb installed on a Mac mini M1 fully dedicated to Roon and Plex.

I do not experience any slowness on the UI when doing searches or browsing, only when changing songs or albums (and time sensitive as I described).

Yes 8gb might be a little short, but again the problem did not happen weeks ago and Ram usage according to the mac app is in the “low greens”. Can’t upgrade to 16gb and do not want to buy a new core until sure more ram will solve my problem. And from your comments, it seems it won’t at least on a mac.

The issue is in the last year I’ve invested a lot in new HW and performance is not improving but deteriorating: core → from a 2012 mac mini 2012 w/ssd and a Synology NAS to Mac Mini M1 + thunderbolt HDD; from Apple Router to Unifi UDM. Current situation is worse than with the ol’ mini + NAS + apple router.

So Yes it looks like an Mac OS issue, but Roon is expected to run well on a Mac…

Let’s see if Mac issues are fixed soon. I have a lifetime Roon license and a system built around Roon so I’m a captive customer. Feeling quite captive right now…

Thanks guys for the support

I’m clutching at straws now, but you mentioned that you’re running your mini as a headless core, so what are you using to control Roon? I’m wondering if this problem has something to do with the remote rather than the core. If you’re running Roon on the mini, rather than Roon Server, you could hook up a monitor and mouse and try controlling it directly.

Hi @DaveN

Yes I’m running it headless. I access it through Apple’s screen sharing function. The problem happens both if I perform the changes of tracks/albums in the Mac Mini directly or through the remotes in my iPhone and iPad.

Newest Roon version (build 933) is making lags worse

@noris any advice?

Hello @Ricardo_Damborenea ,

Can you please note the exact local time + date + track you have this issue occur on? We would like to enable logging for your account after receiving this information.

Hi @noris

This is today (May 10th 2022). Time is CET. I have measured the gap as the number of times the progress line moves from left to right before next song starts playing when I press next song or album. No Gap between songs if you let a full album play in a queue. Gaps are not track sensitive, nor Tidal or local library sensitive so I didn’t note down the tracks. As you can see it is time sensitive: it gets worse as a listening session progresses

  • 6:35 pm 5 times progress line moved left-right
  • 6:40 pm 5 times
  • 6:42 pm 5 times
  • 6:48 pm 6 times
  • 6:51 pm 6 times
  • 7:00 pm 7 times
  • 7:03 pm 8 times
  • 7:09 pm 11 times
  • 7:12 pm 9 times
  • 7:14 pm 9 times
  • 7:17 pm 9 times
  • 7:20 pm 10 times
  • 7:25 pm 14 times
  • 7:28 pm 17 times
  • 7:30 pm 19 times
  • 7:33 pm 16 times
  • 7:38 pm 21 times
  • 7:42 pm 24 times
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Hi @Ricardo_Damborenea ,

Thanks for that information, we have activated diagnostics mode but your Roon Core doesn’t seem to be online at the moment. When you have a chance, please let us know once you’ve used Roon on the core for a few minutes and we’ll re-check for the log report.

Ok! Tks
I’m traveling now. I”m back next tue and will resume Roon usage

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Hi @noris

More data points for today May 17th 2022 for you analysis. Times are CET. I have measured the gap as the number of times the progress line moves from left to right before next song starts playing when I press next song or album.

-15:43 9 times

-15:46 9

-15:50 10

-15:55 7

-15:59 8

-16:02 8

-16:03 9

-16:07 8

-16:10 8

-16:17 10

-16:21 10

-16:29 16

-16:32 16

-16:41 16

-16:51 13

-17:01 13

-17:09 13

-17:10 18

-17:15 17

-17:22 20

-17:25 21

-17:29 25