Podcast in Roon (via Qobuz)

Is there a way to have access to some podcast, in Roon? I think this is something that is missing in Qobuz (I have Qobuz since a few weeks only), and I was wondering if we can do something with Roon.

I recently bought innuos zen mk3 music server which i manage with roon and using also qobuz. I managed to rip also cd’s but want to listen to podcasts . I imported some podcasts on the innuos server via the USB import but cant see these podcasts nowhere in Roon’ , i only see my ripped CDs or service like qobuz or live radio… any hint?? How to listen to podcasts via my innuos server and roon?

Hi Patrick, try creating a “podcast” playlist in Qobuz, place your desired podcast in that list, and see if it shows up in Roon.

don’t see how i can add podcasts into a qobuz playlist?? Spotify supports podcasts but Qobuz does not?? Or am i missing something?

I don’t have Qobuz, I have Tidal, and I’m able to create podcast playlists on that platform which show up in Roon.

This works for me. I added a playlist called Podcasts in Qobuz in my browser at Qobuz. Now when I am using Roon, I click on Qobuz in the top of the vertical left-hand menu and the Podcasts playlist shows up in the My Qobuz tab with the rest of my playlists.

I agree that podcasts should be added to toon as a capability. How do i VOte for this or put it in as a suggestion?

Qobuz has podcasts?

You could add your vote/voice here, but given this thread / feature request has been around since 2015 I wouldn’t hold your breath :frowning: