[Poll] Gauging the overall mood

Yes I’ve I’ve spent hours reading things in Roon - night and day and I would bet much more than you – and no issues at all. In any case, 1.8 is NOT broken, that is such an extreme and out of touch description of it. If it’s that painful for you time to go elsewhere.

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If you don’t have an issue that’s great. I certainly would spend as much time as you reading things in Roon - IF I COULD!

And I won’t go elsewhere because I spent the $$ for a lifetime sub, a Sonore Roon only streamer, a NUC to host ROCK, and so on. So I’m invested and love the core purpose of Roon, just not its current UI and navigation scheme. If you don’t like people being critical, then why don’t you go elsewhere?

As it is I’ve now changed the entire background theme to mid-gray, and it’s a bit more readable. It does come down to font choice, justification choice, and lack of enough breaks in the type. I had no issues with reading white on dark with 1.7.

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I won’t be going anywhere because I choose to appreciate the work that’s put into making a great release and want to provide positive feedback on things that can still be improved. And I’m getting tired of those that use extreme, false terms like 1.8 is broken, it sucks, i want to downgrade, its a disaster, etc – when 70% of users love it, like it or are neutral (which frankly with any major release of any software system is a high number) – so those that have this extreme view are clearly in the minority. And I react negatively when someone just complains and demeans the developers without providing any constructive feedback. So no, I won’t be going elsewhere. I have no issue with anyone being critical here, but the real question, is will you provide any feedback of use in this community?


I think it’s a clear winner. It’s new and most people don’t like change. Change is a constant in the universe, much like time and gravity. I think it’s a brilliant upgrade. It isn’t perfect, but then nothing is and nothing lasts forever.

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His feedback has been excellent.

Don’t forget that by throwing out the old”if you don’t like it, p*** off” epithet (and frankly nothing triggers me more), it could just as easily thrown back to you. If you don’t like the criticism, which is perfectly valid and just a different view to your own, that you too can go elsewhere. Absolutely nobody is forcing you to read any of this, least of all respond.

Personally, I would never suggest that because it smacks of a lack of empathy. You don’t have to agree with the viewpoint, but you can recognise that someone has it.


Yea, this feedback is excellent…

And this from another chain…

I have no issue with criticism as long as there is actually actionable feedback provided with it. It’s sorely lacking here and in many places relative to 1.8. For many its just a bitch fest and is tiresome…

I’ve been providing useful feedback for builds since 1.5 on this forum, including on many 1.8 threads, but according to all you ‘fan boys’ there was nothing wrong with 1.7 and those of us providing critical feedback often got shouted down at every opportunity, and obviously not listened to as it is by the development team. So what else would you like me to do other than go away?

Look, I’m a photographer. I’ve worked on projects and not had things used, shot down, etc. It’s life as professional. Seriously, though, without being insulting to the dev (and now I do feel a bit bad about that), will you ever truly use those statistics on your listening habits, and use them more than all the other things they could have put up front or done with the Home page?

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And while you’re throwing around numbers, bear in mind over 250 people from the respondents have expressed dissatisfaction with the release. They might be in the minority but to dismiss their concerns because their worldview isn’t aligned to your smacks of a haughty disregard.

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The board software is Discourse.

Lol, indeed.

I’ve given actionable feedback - lose it (the pie charts) or stick it someplace on its own. I’ve done that elsewhere in more detail, in fact just now to Brian of Roon in another thread. Again, what more do you want other than those critical to go away?

Perhaps Roon should just shut the forum down and tell all users to lump it or leave it. To me, its pretty obvious the only study group they did before building this thing was with the Craig Palmer’s of the forum. I’m also imagining you were one of the beta testers who thinks bugs are just a figment of the imagination.

So you complain about being “shouted down” and then use the derisive words “fan boy”… ok…

I have never dismissed their concerns. I’ve only made two points. We are not going back to 1.7 so anyone that thinks that is not living in reality. And those that complain incessantly without providing any real, actionable and substantial feedback don’t deserve being taken seriously. I stand by those statements. And that’s the last thing I’ll say in this chain…


You know, I have had that reaction too, but I’m changing my mind.

First, let me clarify (again) the confusion about “in my library”.
(You may know this already, but there is widespread confusion, even Hans Beekhuyzen.)
There is local files in my computer, as opposed to streaming.
And there is “my library” which includes the local files plus those streamed albums that I have chosen to add to my library (in 1.8 usually by clicking a + button). It is sometimes not clear what is what, and there are definitely bugs in the display too.

But I’m gradually coming to the view, what do I care?
Having local (physical) files was more important five years ago when internet access was less ubiquitous and less reliable (and I know there are country differences), but we are rapidly moving to a world where internet streaming is more available than local stuff, not less.
And about what’s in my (logical) library — I can play the albums just as well, regardless of whether they are in my library. That’s the great thing about the discography: it does not make a distinction, this is the artist’s discography, click on an album and play it. The world’s my oyster (a Brit expression, I think?). I can browse, and sort, and classify and rate and cross-reference, across the whole world of music, and it doesn’t matter if I have added it to my library.

My Library comes down to this: it is common that I start a listening session by looking at my library, and then I may follow links, who is that bassist, he’s great, what else has he done, oh he played with that pianist… and I spend a weekend exploring musical relationships and it doesn’t matter if those albums that were linked are in my library.
Yes, the albums that I really like I’m going to add to my library, just to make sure I don’t forget them. So the (logical, not physical) “My Library” matters.

Maybe that too is because I’m old-fashioned, but it seems reasonable to start by looking at the stuff in my library.

But even that is falling apart. “My Library” contains 5,000 albums. Who can browse that in a useful way? Specifically, what is the difference between a library of 5,000 albums and one of 10 million? A 200 album library is more tangible than the vast cloud, but 5,000? I need useful searching and linking and grouping and categorizing methods in either case.

I have a library of books, built over the years. Lots of them, a dedicated room. But it isn’t easy to hit on an interesting book in there, it’s actually easier in Kindle.

So that’s where I’m landing. Yes, adding an album to my library is useful, and I will do it, and I would like to see that in the UI. But it isn’t as central as it was. Yes, fix the bugs. But the seamless unification of the world of music is much, much more important than the local vs. cloud, my library or the world.

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Completely agree with you. The world is blurring between albums you own, albums you’ve made part of your library from streaming services and the rest of the world of music (also in a streaming service). That 1.8 integrates all three so seamlessly (yes, not without some warts) is fantastic. Anything that fixes the warts or further enhances the integration is at the top of my list also… (as for warts, as an example, I wish roon could display the waveforms for the tidal/qobuz files I’ve integrated into my library instead of just my own files…)


Ok, shouted down by the ‘Roon users who feel that nothing is ever wrong except in other people’s heads.’ Not quite as pithy as 'fan boy’s but I’ll be sure not to insult anymore with that. And fan boy is actually incorrect as an insult coming from me, as I’m actually a fan of Roon and want to see it succeed and get better despite themselves, and am a fan boy of other things (Leica’s, Naim, skiing, karate, etc etc), but I’m also critical of those - and of myself.

This poll was clearly missing an option:

  1. Fistycuffs on the cobbles, bounders rules.
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I am one of those for whom the waveform was important.

The first reason is aesthetic. My primary interface is a laptop. Many of the current interface design elements don’t sit very well any more with that device. Layouts and scrolling appear to have been optimised for phones, maybe tablets. Screen shots of phones I have seen look very good. But I don’t use roon that way as the genres I am interested in generally have weak to non-existent meta-data so light-mode on a lap top is just the most convenient library management input device. One or two less than optimal design element layouts probably won’t bother most. But its 10’s of less than optimal design element layouts in this scenario. The cumulative effect of all this is that light mode 1.8 on a lap top doesn’t look good. In objective terms, the contrast of the 1.8 grey on grey on grey light mode color scheme doesn’t even meet minimum W3C accessibility standards. Yuk:


Surely those who want to manage their content are as entitled to the aesthetic experience of a premium product as those for whom this is not important?

The second reason is functional. I use HQPlayer filters and room compensation convolution. The way roon works is that the more complex filters you use the longer roon will buffer your content. 30 seconds to a minute or more for example. With certain filters gain will also need to be digitally adjusted carefully as well as the more complex filters will often clip. For local content, at least, the 1.7 waveform was an invaluable tool to get an at a glance feel for both where you were in a track with long buffers and the likely dynamic range and compression of the audio stream. I would routinely use the visual clues of the waveform both for making digital gain adjustments and managing a playback queue with long buffers. That’s not really possible anymore in 1.8.

Going back to the original question, I am happy with the new 1.8 version. Looks great and enjoying using it.

I’m sure a lot of hard work has gone into development and some of the comments on the Roon forum have been downright rude and uncalled for

It has been over a year since the last upgrade, however I’m guessing that the loudest voices complaining about the long delays in realeasing the upgrade are now the ones complaining about more thorough testing…

Maybe it’s my age but why has eveyone got so angry and rude?


I didn’t realise this at all but when you think about it a bit maybe Roon are trying to make the software more intuitive to the user, after all if its not in your library then it will have the “add to library” button.

I know Roon have added a customise album display menu but that doesn’t help you on the now playing screen:

I see this often with the “younger set”. Maybe it is an attention-getting thing. Instead of “a poor version” let’s say it’s “A MASSIVE FAILURE!!”