Poor ARC connectivity outside home WiFi

I have the same router setup but can’t even get as far as you did. How did you find natpmp autoconfig and upnp_autoconfig? I could only see a tab to set up a “custom service” under Firewall->NAT/gaming.

“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_natpmp”:true},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_upnp”:true}
“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”}

Thanks for the response. I didn’t find those settings either. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. That’s the problem. All of the various guidance about UPnP settings and port forwarding was useless since I couldn’t find any of that stuff in the router settings.

Plus it’s crazy to have to get so deep in the weeds. I never have had to set up my router on that level before. I would think that a large number (the majority?) of Roon users aren’t total networking gearheads. Even the audio gearheads wouldn’t necessarily have a clue.

I really like using Roon and will keep working at it but having to spend hours deciphering niche tech terminology is not the experience I was looking for.


Michael, with the BGW210 and the Orbi, you will need to set port fowarding on both devices. This is what I configured on both my Pace gateway and my ASUS mesh systesm, and it works fine. Do you need assistance with this?


It’s worrisome that the process is closely tied to internet security, where a few missed settings could leave vulnerabilities that I’m not even aware of. I understand arc would necessarily be asking for some access into our home network, but still, this feels unusually hacky.

I think I’d actually be happy having arc/roon offer

  1. downloaded content to device from our ROON for when I’m out and about.
  2. allowing limited syncing/mirroring of multiple database copies, or at last some subset, so that I could have the same database at 2 locations: work and home.

Robert- Yes. I would love your assistance with this. I’ll be able to get back at it in about an hour (~9:30 pacific) or after whenever you want to make recommendations.

I will reply with a DM.

Agreed. Although, since my library is 99% Tidal (all 4631 albums of it) the library is, essentially, up there already. (Except playlists though, personally, I rarely make and use them.) The Roon shell is a common database we all share so it’s already up there.

Of course, I would assume Roon engineering spent a ton of time considering the various possibilities before landing on this scheme.

Tech is tech so inevitably a headache but they had to know this would be a common problem so a less hyperbolic rollout might have been better for customer relations.

Thank you!

I got an ambiguous failure (to send) message from Gmail that said the message “may” not have sent. Did you get my availability reply?

Did you reply through the forum? All DMs are sent/received within the Roon Discourse forum. You should have received a notification in your user profile in the top right of a message waiting for you.

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