Poor connection issue with ARC in car, despite successful connection on iPhone and at home (ref#Q7ELPL)

Network Setup

· My only router was provided by my ISP

ARC Status

· ARC is *Not Ready*

Roon Error Code

· “Did not find UPnP service with WANIPConnection on network”

Have you successfully located and enabled the UPnP or NAT-PMP settings in your router's web UI?

· I've turned UPnP/ NAT-PMP on and ARC won't connect

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· Something else

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Describe the issue

All recommendations/steps taken in arc troubleshooting does not work for me. It dismiss ARC in the car due to Poor Connection. On the Iphone there is a green dot on Icloud and ARC and Roon appears live in the House. However in the car it tries but then I get dismissed - Pure Connection

Describe your network setup

3.DK (wireless). Huawei CPE 3. 8 port English Audio switch. OS 12.7.4 MacMini

Hi @kim_nielsen,
Thank you for writing in to let us know about this issue. Have you noticed these poor connection issues anywhere other than in your car? Are you using ARC with a head unit for CarPlay in your vehicle?

Hi Daniel!
Thanks for coming back. Poor connection issue is only fed back in the car and I use no head unit for CarPlay. Inhouse Iphone is OK green dot on Icloud and ARC. However on the Ipad - Roon not Ready error message remains after trouble shooting ARC.

Does this happen with both streaming content and local content?

Happens in both cases. Have taken a screen dump

in the car after the latest attempt.

Are you playing ARC through your car speakers using a USB cable? We’re seeing log traces that look like ARC is trying to start CarPlay but can’t since you aren’t using a head unit.

Daniel. Correct, In a new Mercedes with MBUX you need a USB lightning connection to the Iphone in order to activate Apple Car Play and consequently the ARC app and the cars soundsystem. Never used a headset in my car! So slightly puzzled, but sure we’ll get there thanks to Your expertise!

Hi @kim_nielsen,
I’ve consulted with my colleagues and we cam up with a few suggestions that you can try.

  1. Bypass your English audio switch and plug your server directly into your router.
  2. Try using a different cable to connect your phone to your car
  3. If your car has bluetooth try connecting your phone with bluetooth.

If none of that works please upload a screenshot of your ARC settings in Roon settings → ARC