Pops and buzzes

I have been using HQP integrated with Roon for about a year now. I stream with a Microrendu. My server is a SGC Sonicorbiter i7 specifically for HQP. Until today, I have been able to upsample to DSD 512 using any filter except the xtr non -2s with only the very occasional issue (buzzing sound, fixable by stopping track and restarting).

Yesterday, I updated the FW on my MR and update HQP. Now, using ply-sincshrt-mp I get very frequent buzzes and clicks. I have tried rebooting everything including internet, server, etc. No improvement.

Any ideas? I know this kind of issue its usually overloading the server, but this server should have and has had plenty of juice. let me know your thoughts.

FWIW, because HQP is unlistenable for now, I am using the Roon DSP to play 512 using 7th order clans filter, no issues.

Let’s drop a flag for @jussi_laako and see if he can help.

There are two likely problems, CPU load or some networking issue.

  • Trying with -2s filters helps telling if it is a CPU load problem.
  • Trying without NAA (microRendu) with straight USB tells if it’s a networking or NAA issue.

Reducing number of variables helps locating the problem… Also considering any software configuration changes or other changes in the system around the same time as software upgrade.

What is the DAC in question?

The DAC is a Lampizator Atlantic DSD only.

The only software updates or system changes I made were HQP and MR updates.

-2s worked prior to today just fine (prior to new MR and HQP updates). Today, even poly-sine-shrt-mp has constant buzzes and pops.

The way my network is setup, it will be tough to go straight from server to dac.


If the previous version of HQP was 4.0.4 and now you have 4.0.6, there are no changes in the code that is involved your playback case.

I really don’t have detailed information about what was updated in microRendu firmware update. I also installed the 2.6 on my microRendu, but I haven’t got time yet to try it out. But from NAA perspective I don’t think the NAA software module has changed, only the name it represents outside has been changed form “default” to something more meaningful for cases where you have more than one NAA. The OS itself may have got some updates, but I don’t know about those.

I just upgraded to mR 2.6 and HQP 3.20.4.

Listening to DSD 512 with polysinc shrt mp, I can’t replicate any clicks or buzzes.

Perhaps re-installing HQP ?

I had a similar issue and thought it had been resolved but alas it wasn’t

In the end I went back to Roon 512 as life is too short.

Interestingly my problem occurred also after updating the sonic orbiter software and wasn’t there before this update.

If @Jesus_Rodriguez or @agillis could tell us if it is possible to revert back to test the hypothesis that 2.6 and what was updated is the culprit?


I am now experiencing the buzzing with Roon. Must be the MR update. I just emailed Andrew Gils. i will report back a solution if we find one.

BTW, I update HQp from 3.20 to 3.20.4 which was the latest version on the website.

FWIW Roon is fine for me so perhaps we have different issues after all.


Weird, Roon dsp worked fine (I actually thought it sounded great) for about an hour with no issues, then the buzzing started. @#$%^&*

There isn’t anything really drastic about the 2.6 update. It’s the same Linux Kernel with patches for new native DSD devices. Some of the Apps have been updated, but this has occurred over many months.

Seems like typical Amanero (Combo 384) native DSD FW glitches. John, do you know previous MR 2.6 version number running without DSD glitches ?

@Jesus_Rodriguez: Any recent change or patch on MR kernel about Combo 384 device ? VID, PID ?

There is some stuff in the Kernel for the T+a DAC that we will lease soon. No clue what is this weeks Combo 384 firmware that is suppose to work.

T+A DAC8 DSD use Amanero USB receiver (same as Combo 384 even if eventually PID, VID are different).
See https://github.com/lintweaker/xmos-native-dsd/issues/12 about user reported glitches (near end of page).

Amazing if native DSD was OK prior to MR 2.6 update.
Interesting to know Amanero FW version number installed on @John_Culver Lampi Atlantic DAC.

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I think I was using MR 2.5 before updating to 2.6 the other night. Everything worked fine except for the very occasional buzz, say every 90 minutes, easily fixed by stopping and restarting stream. Rebooting server made it happen less often.

Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall 2.6? Or, reinstall 2.5 (not sure I even need the 2.6 functions)? While the issue could be the Amanero chip, the fact that the problem started immediately after updating to 2.6 makes it hard to rule ut the update as the cause.

The Amanero Combo 384 has been a pain. I had the beta installed in October. It worked fine until it completely crashed in December. reinstalled and it has worked well until now. I have been hearing since April of 2017 when i bought my dac about Amanero finsihubg the new firmware and still nothing. The Lampi sounds great, but I would not buy another Amanero dac.


I hope MR downgrade to 2.5 is a workaround.
You are not alone with concerns about Amanero firmware related to native DSD on Linux. We all hope some news from Amanero.

  • New Amanero FW is still Beta and not completely reliable. However interesting to ask Lampi which FW version is currently installed on your DAC ?

  • If Amanero unable to fix (release) FW for native DSD on LINUX, for technical or others reasons, alternative might be, sadly, to use a WIN RoonBridge / NAA networked endpoint. Amanero ASIO driver is OK and seems reliable with native DSD up to DSD512.

Update-I have been playing music with Roon Dsp for three hours now with no issues (knock on wood). Haven’t tried HQP yet, but I will.

Not sure what version of 384. I looked in MR system settings and did not see version. Whatever was the current version as of December 2017.

@jussi_laako, @Jesus_Rodriguez, @andybob

Just tried HQP, buzz/hiss came back immediately. So, with new MR and HQP updates, HQP does not work and Roon dsp does???