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Before the last update (installed today 1.8. 913) the port number for the Web display URL was 9330, now ist is 9332, see screenshot.

Will the port number be subject of further changes or stay stable in future?

I plan to offer display software.
My prototype connected to 9330 and now did not work anymore :cry:

Best DrCWO

Hey @DrCWO,

Here’s a post from our CFO regarding port ranges

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Hi Jamie,
thank you for your quick response.

I read the post from @brian but his writing was about on the port for the Roon API.
My question was not for the Roon API port but the port used for the Display URL (see screenshot above).

For sure I use the Roon API. Is there is a method available that reports the correct display URL?

Best DrCWO

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