"Portrait mode properly supported on iPad Pro 2020" [Solved in 1.8]

“Portrait mode properly supported on iPad Pro 2020”

This quote is from the latest release notes. I was stoked to see this and imagined the last part was a typo, but unfortunately it wasn’t. From what I know, they (2018 version and 2020 version) are practically identical, apart from one more core, some camera and lidar gimmicky stuff + expanded RAM for also lower storage models.

Would be interesting to see an explanation to why this could only be implemented for the very last version of iPad Pro.

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They were already supporting portrait mode for a long time.
There was an issue with the new iPad Pro 2020 that now should work ALSO.


I thought it was only portrait mode for the 12.9” iPad Pro, but now also available for the 11” model. Oh well.

I am under the impression it’s still only for the 12.9" models. Might be wrong though as I have neither.

still no Portrait Mode on iPad Pro 10.5" :roll_eyes:

Landscape only for me on an 11" 2020 iPad Pro. :cry:

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The release notes don’t. Specify a size , its always only been the 12.9 due to pixel density as far as I know

7th Gen iPad and no Portrait. It’s funny because Portrait does work on my much older iPod Touch.

Thanks for confirming this, then I think it is settled it is only available for the larger models.

It is … I’ve messaged Roon to clarify this in the release notes.

But why?? Why not the 11 inch? Or all the others? How does this work only on the biggest iPad, of all things?


I always wonder that. Pixel density was mentioned by @Mike_O_Neill and that was my memory. But checking on Apple’s website the 11" and 12.9" use the same pixel density. I presume it may be the way Apple categorises some of the screen orientations on different devices. Regardless, it would be nice to see the 11" work in portrait. Landscape looks really peculiar on what is a pretty big screen.

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Every time Apple comes up with a new generation iPad Pro 13", it takes a while for Roon to release a software update to support Portrait mode on it. I know this from personal experience with prior two generations of iPad Pro. I don’t have the new one (2020), but I suspect this will be the case this time around

Please get the missing portrait mode on the 11“ iPad Pro fixed. It is high time.


Totally agree to adding support for the iPad Pro 11inch (mine is a 2018 model, so it’s been around ages). I was so excited when I saw this release only to download and find… uh oh.

A second point, please please can you enable trackpad support for iOS. 13.4 has been out for a while now, and with my new magic keyboard it’s weird to have to touch the screen just to scroll in Roon.

And proper multitasking support/slide over support would be a nice touch too :blush:Thanks!


My „secret“ hope is that the Roon team is working on Roon 2.0 with mobile streaming and a larger UI overhaul, but who knows. It‘s kinda sad (and also a bit funny) that Roon is virtually the only app on my iPad Pro that still has the audacity to dictate device orientation to me :sweat_smile:


It is no news to people on the forum that many users has this on their wish list for all iPad models. This thread was created to hopefully get an answer to why this was added functionality for the 2020 models, but not the previous almost identical generation of iPad Pros. Not to keep repeating we all want it,

So this thread is a bit pointless now, as portrait mode was (still) only an option for the IPP 12.9” model and nothing else.

I think it is worth recording and reiterating the weight of feeling on this issue. It is hard to believe there’s any credible technical issue as almost every other app in the world happily swings through 90degrees and the screen content of the Roon app is hardly contingent on real estate.

Shout loudly and keeping shouting!


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Interesting. I tried that on my 7th gen iPad (10.2”) but don’t see the same behavior. Roon opens normally (landscape) whether the iPad is in landscape or portrait orientation when I open the Roon app.