"Portrait mode properly supported on iPad Pro 2020" [Solved in 1.8]

It’s not gonna “get fixed” for anyone. And nor is it “strange or hard to understand”.

Apple uses several formulas and ratios to map screen size to available touch zones and pixils. There’s 1 formula for iPhones, 1 for iPads, and and maybe one other one for older iPad models or newer iPhone Maxes? Anyway, the result of the formulas is that through the jigs and the reels, only the iPad Pro 12.9" converts to allow both portrait and lanscape views for the relevant number of required touch zones. When you find the formulas, you can automatically find that any screen dimensions under the 12.9" size won’t fly. Maybe if there’re some big updates to pixil density, like 4K or 8K that might change, but it’s not a 1:1 ratio, it’s like a set of modifiers.

This has been a totally transparent and known topic for at least 2 years, because I found the break down on here previously when I was looking at buying my iPad, and I was motivated to get the 12.9" version partly due to this compatibility in both views.

So just as was mentioned above, this is an update about a unique compatibility issue, not something new or that’ll be fix for other iPads, etc. Sorry to break the sad news to anybody.




Roon is the only app that I regularly use on my iPad 11” that won’t do portrait mode and it’s awkward to have to rotate every time to skip tracks. Surely portrait mode is not beyond the technical abilities of Roon engineers.


Hi, it’s not about technical abilities, it’s about commercial priorities and getting the underpinnings correct for the next phase of Roon’s GUI evolvement. It’s on the roadmap it will happen, but don’t ask me when.

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Wow, I didn’t actually expect a response to my gripe! Good to know, thanks, and looking forward. I hope there’s a critical mass of 11” iPad owners to make it worth your while!

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Read this thread a few days ago. Made me even mor enthusiastic about buying a new iPad Pro 12.9”.

Got mine today. Currently playing music in Roon and I’m not getting portrait mode :frowning:

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Michael,
I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I have the same issue on mine and reported it to Support.

Might be worth you doing the same to get some more traction to get it fixed.
Annoyingly the iPad Pro 12.9” 2018 works fine in portrait mode and since upgrading to the 2020 model I feel cheated.
Good luck!

We could organise a special collection from frustrated iPad users so that Roon Labs can make it happen, if that would help.

Oh wow! I just upgraded to iOS 14 and while I am sure they had nothing to do with it, my 2020 11” iPad Pro now supports portrait mode and uses the full screen in landscape mode, it’s beautiful!

Thank you Roon. My lifetime membership makes me so happy.

Late April’s fools? Nothing on 2018 iPad Pro 11”.

Doesn’t bother me at all that it’s Landcape, can’t see why it’s an issue

A bit of an odd stance on the topic.

  1. If you don’t have an issue, why post at all?
  2. Even if this doesn’t bother you personally, can’t you see any reason for others to feel this should work? This is what I find the most odd with your post, as I can’t think of any other application installed on my iPad which can’t handle both rotations – not a single one. Roon is completely unique in this case.

Oh I’m sorry, didnt realise that this was a love-in thread and only “I want portrait” comments are acceptable!

At the end if the day, it really is a 1st world problem. Im sure there’s a reason why roon haven’t implemented it yet…but when it is, its not going to change lives :slight_smile:

People have been requesting portrait mode for years, its not an unreasonable request… call it a first world problem if you will, but please don’t be patronizing about it.

It would definitely change mine - I only use landscape mode on the iPad when watching videos and like most users here already said, the fact that literally every other app has support for both orientations does not help, it’s difficult to change your habits just for the Roon UI.

If you think other potential new features are more important than this one, by all means please try and support those, instead of being condescending about this request.

That sentence and that sentiment can be applied to anything, without adding any value to the discussion.

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What’s also super funny is that in every picture the iPad is shown on the Roon web page it’s in Portrait mode, never in landscape :slight_smile:


It almost like they are trying to tell us something… :wink:

Solved! in 1.8.
Rest in peace, dull topic.