Possible bug regression with Meridian Sooloos

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Antipodes CX/Linux
Roon 1.6 (build 416) 64 bit

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

SotM SNH-10G Ethernet/AQVox SE

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Meridian 818v3 over Ethernet connection

Description Of Issue

If network connections disconnected from one switch and reconnected to another, Roon loses sight of Meridian end point requiring reboot of Roon

Hi @JeremyAH,

Can you elaborate exactly on what the steps are here? The Meridian device is seen over the network by Roon, you disconnect it from the network and connect it again elsewhere and it won’t appear until Roon is restarted — Is that correct?

Hi @dylan

Yes, that’s exactly right. The Meridian unit is seen in Roon, but once I disconnect everything including the Meridian from the switch and replace the switch, Roon can’t find the Meridian any more. A reboot of the Antipodes running Roon brought it back on each occasion.


Some network switches simply don’t work properly with Meridian Sooloos endpoints. It has to do with their mis-handling the transition from 100/1000 --> 10MBit UDP traffic.

Hi @joe

That was my suspicion at first, but it worked after a reboot of Roon without any other changes, so I believe it may be an issue with Roon that has reappeared with the new release.


My experience is that an incompatible switch leads to intermittent behaviour.

True, but I don’t think SotM or AQVox have this issue. At least, they haven’t shown this issue until now. When I have seen this issue with a couple of other switches, it meant that mDNS stopped working full stop (as opposed to being cured by a reboot of Roon).

Interestingly, I’ve had Roon crash about once a day since the last update and I wasn’t able to login to Tidal all evening. Until, of course, I rebooted.

BTW The switch issue isn’t intermittent. It works fine when left connected, but fails as soon as the switch is swapped over for another.

Hi @JeremyAH,

Can you provide some specifics about the network? What is the main router in use? What is the exact network chain?

If you reboot the 818 once it’s connected to the other switch instead of restarting Roon does that change anything?

Hi Dylan

The edge router is running Sophos XG. The Sophos router connects to the whole house via a 16 port Netgear switch. The Hi-Fi system is connected to the internet via a leg from this switch. This then runs to an SotM switch (alternatively, the AQVox or Uptone Audio switches being tested).

As I mentioned, all of this works fine, unless the final switch is changed. Rebooting the 818 makes no difference. Rebooting Roon makes everything work again.

The full diagram at this point in time is as follows:

WAN -> Sophos -> Netgear Switch (main switch for house) -> Netgear (switch for study) -> SotM/AQVox/Uptone Audio Switch

Roon, the 818 and the main network all connect to the final switch.


If it helps, the previous bug that made me wonder whether there was a regression was that:

If Roon lost connectivity with the 818 for any reason (such as unplugging the Ethernet cable), with a version of Roon around twelve months ago, it would not find it again until rebooted. Also, if DHCP took too long to respond, then the subsystem would fail to ever get a valid IP address and the same problem would occur.

I was told the Sooloos subsystem had been re-written a few months ago to resolve this and I wondered whether the latest release may have incorporated some of the older stack.

Thanks for the info, @JeremyAH — I’ve passed this along to the team for their investigation.

Thanks, Dylan

Hi @dylan

I wondered whether there was any news on replicating this? I’m not expecting a response before next week as I realise it is Thanksgiving in the US, but I wanted to make sure I sent a note to follow up now as I’m travelling from Monday until Wednesday night.

I’ve since discovered that it is randomly stopping playing, even though it can still see the 818 and I gather others are seeing a similar issue.

Many thanks

This bug is starting to become annoying (I assume it’s the same bug) as Roon thinks it is playing music to the endpoint, but isn’t and I have to reboot Roon.

Roon then quite often asks me to choose another player as it can’t find the one I’m using (yet, it can see the server really as it is listed as an alternative), but I then need to remove the old license from it and then log in again, except this is also painful as Roon can’t/doesn’t use the macOS passwords list.

So, five minutes of music becomes five minutes of faffing, followed by a return to work feeling less relaxed than I was before!

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