Possible Noise level caused by external fans

I have decided to run external fans on top of my audio server. https://www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-MULTIFAN-Receiver-Playstation/dp/B00JLV4BWC?ref_=ast_slp_dp

The audio server uses no fans, no moving parts, all SSD, and cooled by heat sink-like body. RS9 Music Server – USA Tube Audio

Question : Im using external fans to vent heat as I plan to run the RS9 server 24/7/365. Could I have possibly introduced Unnecessary noise level to my sound quality ? (I do not hear any distortion or anything off of my speakers )

Trust your ears.
But it is theoretically possible fans and devices with motors could introduce noise into the power line.
Whether or not that would be audible isn’t certain and depends on variables such as the type of power supply in your audio equipment.
I’ve had audio setups in the past that were negatively impacted by air conditioners and even a fridge on the same power circuit. But this presented as clearly audible background noise.

But I have to say I’m a bit puzzled as to why you’d do this?
Your server is specifically designed to not require cooling fans.

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So if you cannot hear any degradation, why worry? It’s just a computer and being fanless is only for when it’s living in the listening room.

I would have liked for any feedback from the community on whether any one has experienced noticeable noise levels with external fans being used .

My thought was that the noise can stay minimal as these fans are not internal , and the power source is also far away from the server. I prefer to run the fans on the top as it is in an enclosed cabinet area.

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I was told to shut down the server when not used which does not make sense to me. The electronic expansion and contraction is caused by the temp related issues and shutting down the server or electronic device does not help. So I thought I keep it ventilated and run the server 24/7

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I just noticed you have an external DAC.
I was thinking you had an “all in one” system.
I’m pretty sure you are fine.

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Even consumer level electronics are designed for a life spawn of 10-15yrs when used typically. So in computer terms being run with power safe mode on or the user only switching it on when needed. In terms of Roon it’s a server you may want to use conveniently without crawling into a computer rack. Both is fine and should not shorten the lifetime in a relevant manner.

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Good Eye! I had no choice to but use the external DAC. Initially I had both the control and plane to use the Ethernet. In other words , I was streaming on my network. I had connected my audio server RS9 to the Ethernet , and my Marantz SR7015 is also connected to the same network .

I was hearing clips/pops in between every tracks every time I forwarded the track manually on roon app. This was so annoying , and I started investigating.

After further checks , I decided to bypass Marantz Airplay and connect my RS9 directly to Marantz RCA. But this was not possible unless I used an external DAC.

So : rs9 to external DAC via Audio graded USB and from external DAC to Marantz I used RCA, I could have used coax but , coax must be less than 3 feet for best sound and i would have needed 6 feet to make it via coax.

Long story short , this fixed it and by doing so . I by passed Marantz Air play and have the liberty to use both internal DAC on Marantz and external DAC in parallel ( this would be for use of Marantz features for processing such as surround sound for an 2 channel audio ) or have the liberty to only use the external DAC by setting Marantz to Direct Mode as a 2 channel Audio music .

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My Roon core runs on the same 8i7 hardware, in the same Akasa case, I run it 24/7 and it stays very cool.

The underlying Intel 8i7 hardware is very good at turning down the clock speed if it isn’t working hard.

Unless you’re running HQ player or similar - I’m surprised your hardware gets hot.

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Thank you for your reply . I did not notice any heat issues , just wanted to proactively prevent any heat management issue in an enclosed cabinet.

I wouldn’t worry unless you need to.

The case is designed to vent the heat on a fully used 8i7. In those circumstances it can get pretty hot, and will need to be well vented.

But in most audio applications it will run very cool.

Run it for a day without the fans and see if it’s still cool.

My betting is that it’ll be fine with no fans.


I have a cirrus7 nimbini v3 - absolut silent and cool.

I don’t need any fans.



I seem to see ample ventilation openings in the cabinet’s back, as well as the doors.

If at all, it would result in some line voltage hum and buzz, but if you can’t hear anything at high volume settings it should not have any negative consequences to be worried about.
If there’s some audible hum, sometimes just rearranging wiring and/or gear fixes that.

Standard USB will work just as well, you may even save money.

I’ve commented on that in another thread already.

Maybe you’re just a little bit overly cautious, as Hifi myths are widespread and may easily cause insecure feelings.

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