Possible or not worth the effort?

So far my Roon experience has consisted of RPi 4 to DAC, All in one streamers and SONOS. Love having all my music throughout my house with an app simple enough I don’t have to be Tech Support for my wife.

Somehow I got on the trail of “The One” by Klipsch. However Bluetooth only no WiFi or ethernet connection. It does have a line in. Info here:

Is there any Roon trick I don’t know of or have overlooked? With only a 3.5mm mini-jack for input the only option I could see would be RPi with WiFi added to USB and a HAT with RCA analogue out to 3.5mm adaptor. Seems like a lot of “work” when I already have a SONOS One SL working just fine in the bedroom…still I like the look of the Klipsch product and have been a fan for a long time owning KHorns, La Scalas, Forte II, etc.

So how to Roon-i-fy it?

How about a Google Chromecast Audio?


I think I actually have one of those lying around somewhere. Chromecast Audio and it’s 3.5 output to The One? I’ve not done anything with Chromecast and Roon. If I have the Chromecast talking to my WiFi network will Roon find it? Will it show up like all my other devices, just scroll down and enable it?

I’m not sure, but I’d hope that Roon would find it automatically. (Fingers crossed, as I’d like to use one or two with Roon myself but haven’t yet got round to it.)

Yes, roon will see it.