Possible to add to what appears under Artist Info?

When I first started using Roon several weeks ago, I discovered a very talented Icelandic pianist and composer, Eydís Evensen, that I now listen to almost daily. I’d like to add the info she has on her website under About (https://www.eydis-evensen.com/about) to the Info section of her Artist page in Roon. Is it possible to somehow do this? Right now it looks like this:

Unfortunately no. There are some open feature requests, e.g.:

You can vote there. Maybe there are others that I didn’t find

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This is sourced from 3rd-party metadata providers and not editable (in Roon) by users.

Some info about metadata providers used by Roon:

What seems to be missing there is musicbrainz.org which should be editable by everyone interested (but I don’t know if artist bio is also sourced from there):

“MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.”

If you wish, you can also add your vote to existing feature suggestions:


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The artist info comes from allmusic.com. Musicbrainz has no artist bio information.


@Suedkiez and @BlackJack thanks for the info and the quick response. I was afraid this was going to be the case. I’m familiar with using discogs and musicbrainz, but have never tried to add or edit what’s currently in their databases.

Prior to using Roon, I tagged my own files using Yate or similar, and I’ve already learned how to use the Album and Track editor in Roon to modify the metadata that’s showing for my local files and those I’ve added from Qobuz. Was just hoping there was perhaps an easy way to directly edit the Artist bio.

Thanks again.

@Stan_Jones thanks for this. It looks like AllMusic gets the info from Xperi (fka TiVo), and there is a process for submitting corrections to them, so I may give that a shot. You would think they wouldn’t have an issue including what an artist has for their bio on their personal website. Thanks again.

This doesn’t really solve your issue, however wherever I find information about an artist and/or album that I wish to keep and reference in the future directly from Roon I copy/convert it into a pdf and add the file to the album. It’s not the perfect solution, but it helps.

Only possible with local files though

Yes, very true :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done this often with my local files prior to moving to Roon a few weeks ago, and had already created a pdf for Eydís, but then went oops, this is a Qobuz artist so no local files (an obvious necessity as @Suedkiez noted). I may actually download the one album and EP I’m currently listening to a lot just so I can do this.

I think I’m going to submit a correction to AllMusic/Xperi and see what happens. I hesitate because I picture them having to contact the artist and request her permission, etc., resulting in a long delay, but maybe I’ll be surprised.