Possible to connect an existing database to other account?

I cant find any info on this so i’ll ask:
Can a database with all of its file content and and edits be kept, while migrating to another Roon license?

Let’s say i am helping a friend build a Roon Core (non commercial purpose of course) can i l log into the Core using my account, and prepare his library for him, and then log myself out and rather log him/his account into Roon?

I’d have said not but obviously you need the official word from Roon.


Thanks Slim, that scenario is similar even if i am not referring to restoring a backup.

But on the other hand, you are offered the option of “logging out” of your core and allowed to enter another account name upon re-login?

Slim is right…you can’t move a database with another user account to a another machine. Even a backup with rescan everything on a new device and soon as you login with a different account I’m pretty sure it starts again from scratch.

So, what does happen then? If you log in to Roon using another account than you were logged in with previously…

Dunno, maybe it generates a new database? I have never really tested it.

Why don’t you simply log into his account on his machine why do you need to use your account at all? When you have finished setting things up he can change his password if he is worried about you having continued access.

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He’s basically trying to clone his account to his friends device and account. I don’t think it can be done.

Not only that, but if he’s using Tidal or Qobuz, those would be different accounts. Also, it would be illegal for you to give him copies of your music files if that’s what you are trying to do, unless you delete them from your system.

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If you restore a backup its also going to pull your account in, and all the settings too IIRC so when you logout and login another account then it wipes it all out IIRC - I think I tried this before a few years ago

So, i’ve tried this by letting another friend with a sub log into one of my Cores.
The database looks empty but some settings seem to prevail. As an example all of my defined storage locations were intact, but “inactive” (not “Deactivated” with the red text).

Basically this seems like a bad idea… :frowning:

On the other hand, this highlights one of Roons biggest drawbacks, the unability to share playlists, edits and tags between fellow Roonies/installations…

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