Possible to get the universal gold "Hi-Res" icon?

Just like there is a badge (icon) for MQA, is it possible to get the universal “Hi-Res” badge (like the one used in Qobuz) to apply to non-MQA 24bit bit files?


This functionality would be very useful.

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Yep. Very useful for those of us who don’t want mqa.

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Yeah, but you’d need badges for NOT 24BIT AND MQA, NOT 24BIT NOT MQA, 24BIT AND MQA, 24BIT NOT MQA

For you, there’s always Spotify I believe. For now.

Ooh. So cutting.

Sorry my use case doesn’t measure up with your expectations.

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24 bit doesn’t mean high-res. I presume you mean anything lossless > 16/44?

Why? I am only asking for a hi-res badge to distinguish 24bit from 16bit. MQA already has its badge

No, 24bit. According to the hi-res standard it just needs to be at least 24/44.1 for it to be hi res

Marketing, got to love it.

Whilst 24 bit offers the possibility of higher dynamic range it’s rarely any different to the 16 bit release. I’d pay more attention to a higher sampling rate than bit depth.

Lol yup. I am just not going to get into it about what exact numbers set some arbitrary standard that has already been set and defined. It starts getting too complicated if you were call 16/44 lossless cd quality 24/44.1 and 24/48 something and 24/88.2 on up Hi-Res. I would rather keep it simple and neat

I’d like to see this icon (badge) for 24-bit FLAC.


Re-waking an old request, as I’d like to see this too. Roon, please the universal gold “Hi-Res” icon for anything 24/44 and up. I think it’d look good on the format line, and easily identifiable.


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Waking up thread… I still think it’s a nice idea.