Post Some Interesting Cover Versions

(Chris Garrison) #42

Her dad must be very proud!

(Daniel Beyer) #43

Two great cover on the same album, back to back.




I think I really don’t need to have the original versions in my library :stuck_out_tongue: but Jens Thomas’ take on it I like - Live Wire being kind of a favourite.


(David Orgel) #46

(John B) #47

Never realised what a good voice Boz has.


(Philipp Schaefer) #48


(Chris ) #49

I think this belongs here…


I can’t believe that Ten Summoner’s Tales was released twenty-five years ago. :older_adult:

(Chris) #51

Cover version of an ABBA song by Steven Wilson - kind of unexpected, but I like it.

(Stefan) #52

If you like Andrew Sisters - Rum & Coca Cola you might spill your mouthfull of beer straight if you listen to this version performed by german post-punk mates Abwärts :skull:

have to get the vinyl … CD quality suxxxxx


Great Dylan cover by 16 Horsepower…


(James O'Brien) #54

A Case Of You…Prince. Wonderful.

(Ged) #55


I never thought I’d enjoy an REM cover but I think this is great:

(Dick Vliek) #57

(Mikael Ollars) #58

That gal’ has made some interesting music, to my ears!


Yes indeed - also great as part of the ‘Applewood Road’ trio!

(Anders Vinberg) #60

Steeleye Span’s a capella version of Rave On, made famous by Buddy Holly. (Both are on Tidal.)

(Ged) #61

Jazzy uptempo version of the Nilsson song.