Post Some Interesting Cover Versions

(Dan Brown) #62

Unfortunately not on Tidal. Not sure where I first heard this, but I tracked it down to Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions 2010 compilation CD. It’s stunning, in my humble opinion…!

(Mark Edwards) #63

On a whole album of covers, this has to be my favourite and a superb rendition of a classic:

(Dick Vliek) #64

Nice one, this is mine:

(Dan Brown) #65

@oneofmany @Dick_Vliek

Placebo Covers is a great album, but your artwork is from Sleeping With Ghosts. Correct artwork should look like this…


(Mark Edwards) #66

Yes, it always showed up as the Sleeping With Ghosts album cover in my iTunes library. My covers CD came in a two disc set with Sleeping With Ghosts, I guess that’s why it has that cover.

In fact, in my Roon library the Covers CD is Disc 2 under the Sleeping With Ghosts album. I can’t remember but I may have merged the two.

(Tony Casey) #67

A Disturbing cover of the Sounds of Silence (Simon & Garfunkle)

(John B) #68

Heard this is a restaurant in Freiburg and now playing chez Sloop now that I’m home. Nuanced cover, very enjoyable.


(Paul) #69

Very nice cover. Don”t Swallow the Cap (the National) by Slow Skies.

(Ged) #70

(Ged) #71

(Martin Webster) #72

Covers was a bonus disk with some European releases of Sleeping With Ghosts. I picked up a copy when on holiday in France (with Copy Protection.) So, this is the correct cover in some instances.

(Martin Webster) #73

Both available on TIDAL …



(Andrew Cox) #74

Prince singing Joni: