Post your worst reviewed music

1.5 stars is the lowest review I’ve encountered in the wild so far. He’s not wrong!

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That Hahn review has been commented on here before, I think. It’s a shocker.

Not a worst review for me personally, it makes chuckle, but it’s pretty bad for the band.

The review itself is pretty spot on in my opinion :smile:


Got this as a gift for my birthday a few years ago. When I have people over, I like inserting a song or two from this album into a playlist, and then wait for the reactions…


Horowitz The Poet:

I think I’d prefer to see a reviewer sign their name to such a strong opinion.


As we are pretty much tied to reading the reviews from in our Roon album displays, I thought it would be fun to post some reviews which we find completely off-kilter, odd, or downright distressing :slight_smile: - If nothing else it might spark up a bit of a debate!

Here’s a couple to start the ball rolling…

Ok, so there are a couple of duffers on it, but the good stuff is really very good indeed, up there with the best DS…It’s a 3 1/2 * album, imho, and worthy of a much brighter set of prose…

What the heck is going on here? Sizzles and slashes, no idle, ahem, wanking… not a bad word, so why only 2 stars!

Ok, and I know this is completely my own opinion, and who am I to fly in the face of high “art” but, come on, this is just cacaphony…LSD was a big part of Coltranes life at this stage and it shows… :smile:

You have something against cacophony? I think it’s great!

haha, i live in a house with 3 young adults and a 10 year old… hmmm what do you think? :wink:


This is my favorite “gee thanks, reviewer” from my collection. At the same time, people seem to always want to write 10,000 word epics about anything Magma, so it’s nice to see a review go “I dunno, this is some weird stuff… and maybe sort of sci-fi-ish… I guess. Whatever.”


Browsing through the ECM catalog on Tidal, I came across this:

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Of course it’s tragic, but is that a bad thing? It’s also gorgeous, hearfelt, loose, lazy, even swinging and upbeat at the same time! One of her very best IMHO.

Gotta feel for Ray Ellis and his orchestra! :smiley:

@joel you don’t like Billie Holiday, you just don’t like this album i.e. state of her voice, or you think she’s so good she doesn’t need you to feel for her too? :crazy_face:

Nope! Just that I thought that the “sad event” could be interpreted amusingly as the “reissue of an album with Ray Ellis and his orchestra”…

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Ha, that interpretation didn’t occur to me yet! :grin:

They are remarkable recordings.

Lol… i really like this album. Not on a par with But Seriously or the earlier stuff still, but really not a bad effort at all. It was the mid80’s for crying out loud :slight_smile:

How about this…


Yeah, I encountered that one too. Hilarious, isn’t it? :joy:

I couldn’t figure out how to fit the review on one screen, but here’s one of the more savage ones I’ve seen: