Post your worst reviewed music


Ah, Danzig (to be fair, this recording is embarrassingly bad):

(Maor Avni) #42

Same reviewer?

(Ian Murphy) #43

Chailly proves once again that Mahler is a composer of irredeemable vulgarity.

His endless opening “Kraftig” has dumb tones and stupid marches.

Ban certain allmusic reviewers

Hi @Ian_Murphy,

that’s DEFINITELY one of the worst reviews I’ve ever read!!! A case of irredeemable brainlessness…

(Tony Casey) #45

Rostropovich should have kept to making cheese.

(Geoff Coupe) #46

Just came across Rolf Lislevand in TIDAL’s new Classical releases, and then found this stinker of a review for one of his earlier efforts…

(Tony Casey) #47

. . . Ouch!

(Tony Casey) #48

Grouchy . . .

(Geoff Coupe) #49

I rather enjoyed reading it :grinning: It makes me want to listen to Scott’s music to see if I will agree with the view (and I suspect I will).

(Tony Casey) #50

I don’t know what Debussy, Elgar and Strauss thought of these particular pieces but generally they liked Scott. Must admit that unlike this reviewer, the English Edwardians are a guilty pleasure for me!


Wow. Allmusic seems to have no rule about writing under the influence. :sunglasses:
I’ve a chamber album of Scott in the library, also released by Chandos, which got a rather favourable review so there’s at least diversity of opinion in place.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #52

Flapdoodle. Twice!

(Chris ) #54

Ok, How useless is this review? Answers please…

Bear in mind, it’s in MQA and on Tidal now.


It’s a release specific review that we’ve applied to the whole album (erroneously). Apologies for that; however, It’s already fixed in code that’s currently in test.

(Geoff Coupe) #56

Pretty damning review that ends with:

A lightly played, lightly sung, lightly recorded Missa Solemnis: if that’s what one wants in a Missa Solemnis, here it is.

Missa Solemnis - Favourite Versions
(Andrew Cox) #57

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It’s quite disgraceful (literally) that we can’t block this nonsense from appearing on our Roon displays.

(Tony Casey) #64

That’s astonishing. That Mahler 3 review is also by James Leonard whom has also come up in relation to Beethoven’s Missa solemnis.

Maybe what’s needed here is a reviewer ban like the ROONRADIOBAN. It could be ROONREVIEWERBAN. I don’t mind critical reviews but this guy doesn’t seem to like anything except half a dozen recordings from his youth.


It’s frankly embarrassing to have such drivel appearing on the screen, when in company, and one is playing some well-loved album.

(Geoff Coupe) #66

Good idea - perhaps you could raise it in the Feature Request forum?