Power button does not illuminate and unit will not connect to network

Nucleus + Rev B s/n 54B2038BEA28. Unit was working but power went out and unit will not trun on. Power suppy is outputing correct voltage. Performed hard reboot several times. Network light are on.

This is our showroom demo unit.

Can you attach an HDMI monitor or TV to the Nucleus HDMI port and see what if anything is displayed when it is powered on.

I have done that and there is not display.

Ok, that’s not good. Paging @support for you.

From all I’ve read on this forum, losing power to a Nucleus can send it permanently south, but support might believe differently.

Put your next unit on a UPS and advise your customers to do likewise.

Hi @John_Senters,

I will send you a private message about your issue.


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