Power supply / charger for Intel NUC

I have an Intel NUC (5 I think) for which I have lost the power supply/ chord. Googling is not making a replacement chord very easy to find.

It says on the NUC 12-19 V 30W.

I’d appreciate it if someone can translate this into something searchable or even better supply a link to such a product in the EU. It’s just the plain replacement I’m looking for, not a fancy linear power supply.

Many thanks in advance…


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Seems like too much wattage.

EBay has what you want.

For example -

Come on Slim, the device I linked to is what Intel sell. And why comment on ‘too many watts’ then link to something that delivers very nearly twice as many!

Ha, I linked to the wrong selection on EBay.

If this is what’s needed then 60W is too much. No? -

Maybe something like this from TeddyPardo? -