Power supply for Ultra Rendu

Just a note to let anyone whom might be interested, I found a LPS that’s not mentioned on here. I have an Ultra Rendu and bought it with the $50.00 iFi power supply. Swagman Labs sells a LPS made for the ultra Rendu. I previously had one for a SimAudio Mind 180 and found a modest improvement over the factory power supply. The unit for the ultra Rendu was $138 USD including shipping (from China to Canada). Comes with a nice custom screw on connection cord from the unit to the Rendu. Sound quality is a nice bump up. More clarity in overall tone, instrument separation and, I think, bass definition. I tend not to go back and forth with an A B with smaller tweaks in my system too much and rely on audio memory using a very few select prices that I have memorized over the years. This improvement was NOT a lean forward and listen hard, “I think it’s better” tweek. In casual listening it was obvious. So thats was nice. It re affirms my belief in a quality power supply ( not to be confused with a power cable, which is important but to a $$$ limit) across all products. While I cant compare to other power supplies that cost as much as the Ultra Rendu itself, I’m pretty confident that this product is of a quality that is proportional to the Rendu itself. In other words there is value in my music chain with keeping all expenditures proportional.
Signal path = Roon on an SSD iMac, files on WD red(s) in a Qnap HS251 (fan-less so it’s in the rack) . I use Qudioquest ethernet Carbon with the Telegartner ends ( super nice fit FYI) to a Netgear GS108 switch to the Ultra Rendu, now powered by the Swagman Labs LPS. Also connected to Asus RT-68U router for wireless.
To a Schiit Yaggi via Schiit’s own USB. (this is Mike’s recommendation) It has the Gen 5 upgrade. Before the upgrade I used the AES/EBU via a Moon mind as the AES was much better, after the upgrade I think the inputs are the same if not slightly leaning toward the USB. Onwards to the pre amp, a Primare pre 32, the power amp, a custom Odyssey Audio, and speakers, a pair of stand mount Oskar Aulos with a Heil tweeter. ( bought out of curiosity and kept them)
I think its important to keep a cost balance in a system and prioritize a source with speakers to taste.
I just though anyone else with the IFi power supply who was on the fence about improving it but having difficulty rationalizing the price of most LPS’s available would like to know there are affordable quality options. The fellow at Swagman seems to have LPS products for quite a few things, the one for the Rendu was made to order but still arrived in less than 10 days.

only issue is Sonore may not warranty the unit if you use an unapproved Power Supply. I picked a used Channel Islands Audio Supply. Works great.

Good point, but if it over voltages, they may ask what power supply you are using and ask you to prove it…

The power supplyI bought is the same specs as the iFi wall wart. As well Small Green computer gives you the values to use for a power supply, 2 amp, 9VDC. There is a variance from 7VDC to 9VDC Only a dummy would use over voltage, like what’s the point?
Here’s a list of products from the site of Sonore. There isn’t an “Approved list”. They assume you will use correct specs. for best performance.

iFi iPower power supply - 9VDC
CIAudio linear power supply - 9VDC
Teddy Pardo linear power supply - 7VDC
Uptone Audio JS-2 linear power supply - set to 7VDC
Vinnie Rossi LIO with microRendu/ultraRendu output stage
Sbooster - 9VDC
Sonore Signature Series linear power supply - 7VDC

I was just trying to give a cost affordable option.

Not disputing your good intentions, it’s just that Sonore has stated the warranty coverage requires an approved power supply. Like John said, how would they know? but…?

If you bought a cheapo chinese power supply, AND IF the 9v voltage goes to 15v, then the supply could damage the components. Sonore probably trusts the quality of their approved supplys.

I hear that and right you are about fluctuating voltage.
My point being most of the power supplies are way over priced for what’s in them. Ever pop the top one the things you buy? I photograph the the insides of every audio piece I own with a Canon macro 100 just for fun and wont buy something if I cant see the insides first. This is a business of fancy covers and shiny knobs. The term “Cheapo Chinese” is almost as old as “Jap junk”. The world changed some time ago. For the most part offshore products provide value with reduced markup and ingenuity vs a lot of the current North American audio gear which can be all marketing and fancy covers and mark up in the 100’s of percent. ( Schiit and a few others excluded of course) After almost 2 decades in the marketing business the BS has really turned me off. AND i’m also guilty of creating it. Now I advocate that Its time for consumers to be able to think again and not buy into the shiny pages. Hence my post to share my found value. If it was “Cheapo Chinese” I would be returning to the manufacture not sharing it on this site.

Have got a couple of cheapo LPS and haven’t had any issues, running 5v with very little tolerance (rasp pi). Why would they not be reliable or keep a constant voltage? My hunch is 90% or more of the worlds PSUs are made in China or third world countries, it’s relatively simple electronics surely. Many of the expensive audiophile LPS are made by boutique companies or one man bands so I imagine human error could occur in manufacturing even of approved supplies? Or am I being naive?

Quality control is what matters. If you buy a $40 PS it may or may not be up to snuff. Any supply could fail, but Sonore must be betting on the higher quality/ name brand ones having fewer failures.

I throw that out for @Jesus_Rodriguez to weigh in why? Maybe any supply could be approved on a case by case basis…


Your right it would have to be very “Cheapo” to have fluctuating voltage but it could happen. Like bargain basement home made cheapo. As I understand it a LPS has only a moderately complex regulator circuit. So lets assume someone making it for resale has done their homework.
So much of the worlds’ electronics is made in China and over the last 30 years they have copied ( aka stolen)( like it or not) and learnt how to make things well. Like really well. The main challenge for us North Americans who have things made in China is not the quality control but having the design stolen or have the factory make and extra hundred or even thousand of "your " products and then sell them grey market. These guys are cut throat and make a used car salesman look like my grandma. Regardless in audio, there are a lot of fellows in Hong Kong who hand make various products and lots for them for good value.
Whats happened in North America is there is a high end elite model that prices the products based on the company needing to turn a profit on selling a very limited volume. So the R and D and salaries have to be factored in as well as the reseller mark up. There are audio products shown at audio shows that only plan to sell a few dozen a year. That thinking is making its way to lots of boutique audio brands. And for the 1,000 bucks for a LPS they give you a beautiful machined box. I agree with you that the limited products are more prone to failure. My own fabulous Ultra Rendu arrived DOA. Then it took almost six weeks to get a replacement micro card via the mail. All human errors. Absolutely nothing wrong with the product its self, its just they don’t make a ton of them.

Hi Robert
you have me thinking now, and I thank you for that. We should use this thread for users to post good quality photos of the insides of the various Linear Power Supplies that they use with their Rendu’s. Especially if you have a macro lense we can then see the components that are used and even part numbers. I’m willing to bet that there is more of a price difference that a part difference, a lot of similarity, and even the same product(s) under different brands. Some will be much better than others but will the price correspond? I did notice that on the CIA website they don’t show a single interior product photo. That should get you thinking. In the next day or so I’ll use a simple hex driver and pop to cover on my LPS and post photos.

I stand corrected. I did finds some photos on the Channel island site, my bad.

I actually had a Power Plant Premier than smoked itself and subsequently, one other component a few years ago (2012). Turned out the PPP had a bad part, which was part of a bad run of parts. This was when PS Audio made their regenerators in China. They’ve returned to manufacturing their components back in the US…

Some Chinese stuff is good, and some is not so good…

Can happen to anyone for sure, even Schiit had a supply of BNC connectors that were 50 Ohm vs. 75 ohm. the ordered specs were correct but the manufacturer didn’t deliver what was ordered. Live and learn. I’m guessing that while Paul McGowan assembles his products in Colorado, and makes what he can at that location, he has no choice but to buy some things in China. The world has centralized on us. Quality control is a process not necessarily a location. Elon Musk stuns us by landing a rocket booster on a boat but can’t consistently stop the new 4 door in less than 160 feet.


I completely agree on all points. The Chinese started by coping and learning, that was what they confessed back in the 60’s and it only grew from there. They dont need to copy anymore however industrial espionage conducted buy the Chinese is rampant across the board. In Canada there is a full time CSIS squad devoted to monitoring it.
Oddly enough the one industry that baffles them is aircraft manufacture. I met with a Canadair engineer who told me they don’t get the need for the current process used. She was involved with a joint project to build the Canadair challenger, since abandon. In aircraft design and assembly there is constant revision based on testing and achieving the best possible redundancy. It’s the reason why aircraft design is so expensive to develop. We were told that dont have the aptitude to acquire the patience to build a plane properly. ( by our standards) They just want to get it done and out the door to the client. More money that way. You need to realize that redundancy in aircraft design is the reason why more don’t fall out of the sky.
I digress.
Soon to post photos of the inside of my new LPS, hopefully other will as well.

You said, “While I cant compare to other power supplies that cost as much as the Ultra Rendu itself, I’m pretty confident that this product is of a quality that is proportional to the Rendu itself. In other words there is value in my music chain with keeping all expenditures proportional.”

I’m fortunately enough to be able to test and measure different power supplies in combination with the microRendu. While you may find some value in a combination the microRendu can benafit from the very best power supplies on the market irrespective of it’s cost. How you balance that is up to you and part of the fun of this hobby…enjoy!

Thanks for the info Jesus. Its go to know that the Rendu does better as the power supply quality improves.
Generally there is a cost effective limit as in all things audio. Rather than spend 1,000 on an Ultra and 2,000 on a power supply, its likely better sense just to buy a better end point / server to start with.
They same way I wouldn’t spend 1,000 on speakers and 2,000 on speaker cables. Yes they might make the speakers “better” but really, just buy better speakers for the largest over all improvement.

I don’t know anyone at Swagman Labs, but I have had a good experience with two of the products. Others might find the same.

Look for my photos in a day or two.

Just to clarify the ultraRendu is 875 USD and yes much much more in Canada. Limiting yourself to power supply because its cost is proportional to the cost of the unit is arbitrarily wrong.

Thanks, Isn’t it interesting that power supply is so important. I hear everyone experienced with the Rendu say the exact same thing. It reflects my own experience with high end audio where as the best components always have an excellent power supply.
Our conversation at one point more pointed to the retail price vs quality of product. There are some LPS available at excellent value due to made in Hong Kong and limited mark up.
I’d be interested in your opinion of the Swagman Labs LPS components once I get you photos of my unit.

these are photos of a Swagman Labs LPS I bought to power my Ultra Rendu as an upgrade over the standard iFi power supply. 0V5A21060V5A21100V5A21140V5A21150V5A21130V5A21170V5A21120V5A2118


Seems well built, good component choice, a couple or really nice touches such as the screw on cable, toroidal power supply, high temp caps, note the tiny solder bits on the ends of the power wires. I think they make a lot of LPS’s for different products and then customize just what is needed for particular specs.
I wish I had more power supplies to compare the sound. This was a very nice jump over the standard iFi which was $50. This was $137 USD shipped to Canada. I’m going to guess because its direct from manufacture, and from Hong Kong the components will be similar to something 3 to 4 x the price, possibly more.
I would really like if someone else could photo the inside of a really high end power supply so I could see any difference.

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