Power supply upgrade for Intel NUC7?


Is it worth while upgrade the standard power supply of my Intel NUC running my Roon Core to an audio grade one?
It says 19V, 3.43A, 65W. Does it have to be those specs or would a iFi iPower2 of 12V or 15V suit as well? Any suggestions?

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I think this has probably already been discussed to death, but the short answer is no, it’s a computer, not an analog audio product.

A more diplomatic response form Danny @ Roon:


Thanks Jamie, I see, not an easy answer😉

On the other hand…

I would go with the same voltage (19V) but I have used as low as 12V

For the Amps (A) I would go with no less than the ~3.5A but if you use 12V then you might need to bump the Amps up to maybe 5A to keep up with the 65W - mind you this is probably still well more than you need on a normal use.

Watts = Amps x Volts (as near as damn it)

The extra headroom is more likely needed if you are running other devices like internal SATA drive or USB drives as these all need to use the power provided to the Nucleus

Hi Mr Fix It, thanks for the explanation! I only have one internal SSD and no other devices so I will not need much extra headroom I think.